Saudi Arabia Travel Diary pt.9 | Time For A LONGG Break From Home

by - Monday, October 23, 2017

Hi, guys! It's been 8 months since the first Saudi Arabia travel diary went out, and finally, the last one is here for you guys! Damn, I've been pretty slow with this. I do hope you guys love this final part, let me know on the whole travel diaries in general in the comment section below!

(Before entering the Haram)


For myself, last day was pretty much spent in the Haram. Around 9/10, I went to do one tawaaf. This was the first time going at that timing because usually, we did our tawaaf's one after another after Esha. And it definitely was busy! After completing a tawaaf I sat in front of the Kabah for quite a while, praying and making dua. One that was done, I stopped by the hotel, to have lunch with the family, and make quick plans on what we were going to do the rest of the day. 




Since we had packed the night before, as well as the morning. The general plan was that we could stay out in the Haram and do as many tawaaf we wanted until Maghrib. Then after praying Maghrib, we had to be back to the hotel to collect our luggage and leave. And that's what I did. 

After eating, and praying Zuhr in the hotel, I went to the Haram, performed Tawaaf's, prayed Asr, recited the Qur'an, performed some Tawaaf for the last time, and ended my stay in the Haram with my Maghrib namaaz.


The emptiness one feels knowing it's the last day really touches the heart. There is no tranquillity or happiness that can be compared to being in the Haram in front of the Kabah. Just none. You will feel like you have not done the most you can, to be honest. I felt like I should have done so much more. Despite knowing the fact that I had done more compared to my first Umrah. It's just like that I guess. You just really want to do more for Allah and please him <3 


Little food talk that I had on the day. I've talked about the Iced Frappuccino and Baskin Robbin on my food post which is linked here. But in summary, I bought the Iced Frappuccino in the morning after the first tawaaf and before heading to the hotel. A good one, but it wasn't the best, and since it was strong in coffee, it definitely helped with getting through the day. The Baskin Robbin ice cream was just delicious! I loved it. And this visit was made 1 HOUR before we had to actually leave and take a taxi. 

On the way to the airport, we made a stop to KFC! We ordered our food and sat down only to be told despite us being a family we couldn’t eat in the place. So when we got our food, we sat outside in front of a shop that was closed and ate! Luckily the weather was warm and little breezy so there was no problem with it. I don’t remember what I ordered but I think it was a Zinger Stacker which was delicious! 

(Such a poor photograph shot)

We caught our flight; to Istanbul (transit), and thankfully this time the wait wasn’t so long. After going through check-in etc (which Alhumdulillah went well) we took our next flight to the UK. When we reached Birmingham, the coldness hit us! Glad I took a jacket with me. It was weird being back at home away from our other home (Makkah). But the journey had to come to an end. I loved every moment spent in Saudi. It was beautiful, and I hope you all enjoyed reading the posts and looking at the photographs. 


Do leave your thoughts, in the comment section below about the journey, or any suggestions for upcoming posts! I have reached 50K+ in pageviews!!! Thank you all for the support, honestly, appreciate it! On that note, the post comes to an end! 

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