Exam Season | Break

by - Monday, June 06, 2016

Hey amours! I got an exam this Wednesday, and another 2 after two weeks, so I will be taking a break from blogging. As much as I love blogging, and create contents for you all, it does take time, and I don't want to be struggling between typing up a post, and getting revision done. In the meantime, when I'm not revising I will try to type up some upcoming posts for which I can then publish after exams. As far as social media's are concerned, I will be active as usual, may not everyday but you will see me still tweeting and posting anytime. 

Hope you lovelies understand, and I wish good luck to you all that are taking part in the exam season and are busy revising. Also if you are like me, and you are fasting too, then may Allah make this month go easy and well for you guys. Ramadhan Mubarak amours! 

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  1. Good luck on your exams! (: You'll ace them!

    Single Vegas Girl

  2. Yess, it's so important to focus on your revision and your blog will be waiting here for you once you're done :) looking forward to catching up on your posts and seeing new ones once your exams are over, good luck!& also Ramadhan Mubarak to you too, may Allah make our fasts easy for us Ameen xx