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by - Monday, September 19, 2016

Heya amours! I turned 19 last Thursday. Alhumdulillah I am so thankful to have been given these 18 years, and I forever will be grateful to Allah for whatever He has in store for me, and for everything He has put me through whether it was good or bad, there was a reason for it all. And the day my birthday was, I spent it with my partner which Alhumdulillah was really good. Hence what this post is going to be about!

Let's start the post with the OOTD:

Honestly, I don't even know what to call this dress, because I got it 3-4 years ago, which surprisingly still fits me. But let's just say I wore a white dress, with a lace in the middle, and with the dress, I wore a black body top underneath and black leggings. The outfit was quite dressy, and because I knew I would be walking about, I thought it was convenient to change that outfit to a bit casual by carrying a black backpack which really was useful.


For the shoes, I put on a simple black flat, and to bring colour to my outfit, like always, I wore a different coloured hijab, and for this outfit, I chose to wear a creamy coloured one. I did wear some fake nails, however, it did start to get annoying, plus it was long to how I imagined it to be, so they did come off. Lastly, for the jewellery, I had my usual Pandora ring, Pandora bracelet and"R" ring, as well as some stacks of rings from Primark.

Now onto the plans:


We started off the day at Saints Of Mokha. Okay, I came for the Red Velvet they were offering to give me on the house, but my ultimate reason was the coffee art! I mean seriously, their Instagram page has been flowing with their coffee arts for so long, that I really wanted to go and try out! And OH MY GOSH! It was worth it. Masha'Allah their standard have definitely just gone up, and the coffee I has was so good that I really didn't want to see the art disappear. Cue the blogger within me, but I colourful and beautiful coffee art definitely made me take loads of pictures of it because I just never know when I want them to reappear on my Instagram.

As much as I want to go on and on about the Coffee, I got to say the Red Velvet was Masha'Allah really good again, I loved how they gave marshmallows and cream, this time, I mean who can resist that! Going to try their other cakes next time because it seems like they would be pretty awesome too, not just that but I really have to their Panini, like seriously this is all Instagram's fault. I see so many lovely photographs on their page, that it makes me want to try it out too!


The next place we headed to was Botanic Garden, my other half had already been but I had never been and after watching Sadiyya's video (will leave links at the end of the post), I just wanted to visit the place because it looked so pretty. And guys! Just look at the shots. The garden freaking looked gorgeous, I have yet to see more, but to be frank these spots that I saw in my small visit was so good! I'm actually so happy with how the shots came out (thanks to the partner for sorting the settings out on my phone). The way the flowers, trees and leaves are set on both sides of the walkway is so gorgeous, and it definitely gives it a stunning and admiring view. At a time like this, when we still have the sunshine, it is so lovely to go to the garden because the colours look so much livelier. Totally have to go there again and finish the exploration, and I think it may just become an outfit spot because the landscape is gorgeuous!


After the mini explore in Botanic Garden, we went to have lunch at Fernandez Grillhouse. I ordered the £6 lunch which was a Chicken Burger, Spicy Rice and Pepsi, whereas the partner ordered 10 tenderloins and chips. We've had this before so there's not much to say about it, other than it was definitely filling and delicious. We shared the items between each other, and damn was it delicious! The burger and spicy rice as mentioned in this post were yummy! And the tenderloins was meaty and crispy. Got to love some chicken. Other than the food, it was really nice to have a lunch at a place with the other half since it's been a very long time, and you guys know how much we love our food!

Now time for the presents. My Oppa (Boyfriend in Korean), gifted me these beauties! It's been a while since I've had some charms added to my Pandora bracelet, and there's always a special reason behind each of them. For my birthday I got a lace clip since I already had one lace clip, so another one was needed to secure the other side. Then the next charm was a "Together Forever Pendant" one. The reason behind why my partner chose that was because we honestly can't see each other with anyone else. We love each other so deeply, and we pray that we continue to stay together. Forever.

I know the Instax Mini is not a Polaroid camera (before anyone says so). So let's just say I've wanted an Instax Mini for the past couple of years. The reason for that is because that feeling you get when you have a printed photograph with you makes the moment and memory so special. I know we can get countless photographs on a phone, but just having a virtual shot of it, is something I love. I will definitely be using this camera at those special and memorable moments because let's be honest those films are not cheap hehe.


Lastly, to end the day, we went to Gunpowder and Tea. It was an unfortunate that I couldn't visit the place as soon as I was contacted. However, thanks to my birthday, I was able to pop a visit to the place. Wow! I must say the experience at Gunpowder and Tea was top! Like literally it was so good. The place is not fully completed yet in terms of decoration, however their shisha service was outstanding. We ordered Pink Fantasy which as described is fruity and sweet, with a starbuzz pink base. 


In the beginning, my partner and I talked to Dee (who invited us) about blogging, future plans for Gunpowder and Tea, and what the current situation was. It was really good to know how passionate he was about the Tearoom and Shisha Cafe. The service was received was great. The wait did take a while, but it was worth it because when it arrives and you start to smoke, you realise how fresh and clean it is. The premium glass used gives such a cool experience. We were told after each shisha, they clean it all which is fantastic because it gives everyone a great experience. Also the pipes are left in the fridge and icy water is used to give a clean tasting smoke! They also put LED lights under each shisha, depending on the flavours, and ours obviously was a pink colour. This adds such a lovely touch to the shisha. If you came in the night, then the lights would definitely be shown more. As well as that the atmosphere in Gunpowder and Tea was nice and relaxing. So it's the perfect night out for friends and couples. I would definitely recommend this place because not only do they provide shisha, but they also provide loose leaf teas, desserts and drinks. And in terms of pricing, it's reasonable especially when you are given a shisha that is clean, fresh and premium glass. So next time you are stuck with where to go, give this place a go!


Overall I had such a lovely birthday! It was so good, spending a day out with my love. So all thanks go to him for everything that I got to do on the day, because without that car of his, we wouldn't haven been able to go to all these places. A special thank you to him because I know he's reading this  post right now. Another thanks to everyone that wished me, and thank you to Saints of Mokha and Gunpowder and Tea for the great service and "on the house" treat! 


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