My Everyday Make Up Routine / Make Up Haul

by - Monday, September 05, 2016

Hiya amours! I'm so sorry for the inconsistent lack of posts. I've been busy with work, and guilty of spending my free time's binge watching KDrama's hehe. Not just that but since I haven't been out much, there're not much food or fashion posts, hence why I have to rely on posts that I could do indoor. Thankfully, I recently did a mini beauty online shopping spree on the Superdrug site.

I kept a budget for when buying the beauty products, because I didn't want to spend too much on them, and rather keep my money for elsewhere purposes such as Fashion (a post on that will be up soon too). I know Superdrug sell many well known branded products such as Max Factor, Maybelline, Rimmel etc, and as much as I wanted to tap the "Add to basket" button, I had to refrain myself. As a result, I came across "MUA" (as many of the products are from this brand). Before clicking on any products, I literally looked at each products review, the price, and whether I needed it or not. Finally after all the hunting, I received all my items, and I am actually happy with the products, so since then I've been using some of them as part of my everyday makeup routine!


1. MUA Skin Define Hydro Primer - £5.00: What I really liked about this product was how hydrating it was for my skin. The product is jelly like, however, when it's rubbed between your fingers to apply on your face, it gives such a refreshing feel to one's face. Not just that, but when I apply creamy products on there I find that it stays on really well. 


2. MUA Hide & Conceal (Natural) - £1.00: Once I've primed my face, I use this concealer stick for my under eyes and areas on my face where there are any spots. Due to the creamy texture it's is quite easy to apply, and blend. For my under eye areas, the product does make a difference, however, I find that when I apply them on the spot areas, there not much of a coverage, which I got to say is not expected too much from since this product is just £1.00. But despite saying that, I would definitely buy this again for concealing my under eyes. 


3. Revolution Foundation Base 03 - £2.00: On a day where I don't feel like applying a heavy foundation, I would use this product. I'm pretty impressed with this BB Cream Foundation because, for £2.00, this sure does give quite a coverage. The product has a lovely hydrating texture so when it's applied, it doesn't give it that icky or cakey feel to my face which I hate. Honestly when it's blended well, then this product is actually really good. Plus it lasts for a very long time, which is a bonus when I use it on work days because I don't have to go back and re-apply.


4. B. Youthful Anti-Ageing Foundation (Honey 40) - £3.00: And on those odd days, I like to pick up this foundation instead of the other, The coverage that this foundation is really good, and it definitely hides those lines. Not only that but this product is vegan and cruelty-free, so if there's anyone looking for those kinds of foundations, then definitely try this one out. Just as the previous one, this foundation is long lasting, so thumbs up again! And honestly, you can't go wrong with this price.


5. MUA Pro-Base Matte Satin Pressed Powder (Ivory) - £2.50: I haven't used this product much since it's a product I still need to hack. It can easily turn your face cakey when used, which has happened before to me. However, if you use it the right way with the right amount, this product definitely gives a matte finish to your look. Also, this powder does well when applied to my T-Zones because sometimes it does get oily. 


6. MUA Translucent Powder - £1.00: This product is still not used since I've been using the product before this, hence my opinion on this product is still unknown, however, the reviews that I saw online is pretty good, so I'll just have to see.


I'm a beginner when it comes to makeup, which is why I bought these low priced products, which I'm impressed with the products Alhumdulillah. And to be honest I am most likely going to be sticking with these until they finish, or like I really need a different one since I'm a girl who would rather spend money on food or clothes hehe. Although these latest products like the Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipsticks, really makes me question myself. Hope you enjoyed the post amours, and if there any dupes of High-End products that could be quite beneficial for me, then do let me know in the comment section below.

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