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by - Monday, September 12, 2016

Hiya lovelies! I honestly apologise for the lack of posts, I haven't been able to stick to the three posts a week, and only been managing on one post each week, which sucks but I don't want to be posting something irrelevant or useless. Hence why I only post when I actually have something worth posting. Not just that but I don't want to be forcing myself to feel like I HAVE to post. On the other hand, if there is any suggestions or a certain kind of post you want to see, then go ahead and leave them in the comment section below or contact through my social media's which are always linked at the bottom, and top right corner of the page. I would be more than happy to try and cover something suggested.

Right, let's get into this post! Lately, I've done quite a shopping spree online and in store, and I'm very happy with my choices. Also, I've combined my London shopping in this post, since I just thought putting the two would be better because it's still about shopping hehe. 


Working on the tills in Primark gives me the perks of knowing what's on offer, and just see what's good. Primark is big, and they actually have a lot so just spending one hour in there is not enough. But these are some items I bought since it was worth the money and were wardrobe essential pieces. The top on the left is actually kind of a blush pink colour. however, unfortunately, my camera caught the opposite. This was £4 and from the Men's department. I got it in the Medium size, which is so good because it's a bit baggy and long. If I had got something like this from the Women's section it would have been like £6 :P So sometimes checking the Men's section is worth it. 

An oversized jumper is something I've always wanted simply because of how convenient and comfy it is.You can lounge about by wearing it at home, or style it up for an occasion or just a casual day. I got the "Not Interested" one, originally I wanted one with a different quote or a travel related but there were so many and since they were moved, I couldn't find the want I hoped to buy. But this is great too, and it only cost £8 :D Also this is just perfect for the fall/winter season!


With University approaching in a couple of weeks. Usually, I would have settled with one bag for a couple of months, however, this time, I also chose to buy a backpack. I got a black one because it is ideal for any outfit. The backpack cost £9, which I guess is reasonable. The only thing I don't like is that there are no pockets in the bag, so literally everything whether big or small is put right in the bag.

The second bag is tote bag which cost £12. What I love about this bag, is the extra little pouch. I chose the Tan coloured one instead of a black one, well because as much I love black, some colours are nice too sometimes. Although I do know not to add heavy folders since it will just damage the bag.

These next 5 tops were brought from Zara. There was a sale on these tops, and each of them cost £3.99, which was so good because as much as I love Zara Fashion, the items I love tend to be costy! So when I saw this sale, I was so happy. The first top is striped in black and white in the front, and at the back it is striped in yellow and cream. Plus I like the small phrase on the front "If you like it, wear it".

The top next to that is a blue short sleeved one. The material of that is so soft and comfy. It is short from the front in comparison to that back with a bit of a split on the sides. 

Third item is a checked top. I needed to get something monochrome, because I've started to change my colour and outfit style. Now I go for items that are convenient, monochrome, pastel and with not to much design. So this top was super cute, and it has a small pocket, as well as splits on the side.

When I ordered Night Life, I thought it would be alright just like all the others, however it was baggier than expected, so it was loose near the neckline. Hence why I opted to just wear this top as a PJ or casual relaxing home wear.

And the last item purchased from Zara was an "Open up your mind" jumper kind of top. I love this top because of it reminds me of Korean Fashion, which honestly is one of the best styles. The top is 3/4 length sleeved, which I love loads, because I don't wear short sleeves, and the long sleeves clothing items I have, I sometimes roll them up hehe. So this was great.

Onto the shoes. I bought this Metallic Trainer from Boohoo, for £10. Trainers like these have been in trend for quite a while, and seeing the way they are styled with bomber jackets, top and jeans, or skirts etc, made me want to buy one too. The colour I chose was Gold, something different, something nice! I've worn it a couple of times, and it's comfy. 

Now it's the last section of this post. What I bought in London. As I mentioned in my London (Part 2) post, I bought a light Blush Pink Bomber Jacket which I've been in love with since I bought it. Whenever I get the chance I try to wear it hehe. This cost £20 which is not bad as I said before because the prices for Bomber Jackets very loads depending on which store it's bought from.

From Green Street I bought 6 Viscous Hijabs (Black, Navy Blue, Purple, Blush Pink, Nude, and Cream). The offer at that time way 6 for £10, which was a really good deal so I had to purchase some from there. Plus I love viscous hijabs <3

Also from another shop on Green Street, I bought a Black Long Shirt, which I adore because of how versatile it is. It can be worn tucked in/or, opened or closed, or formal/casual. I also got the Monochrome Bag, which is lovely to carry when I am just going to work or a short outing like shopping.

And finally, I got two slip on trainers. One in Black (which is not shown), and another in white. I love flats, but at times I just like to make my outfit super casual with these slip ons. I've created a look with these three items, which you can find right here.

That is all lovelies. It was quite a haul, but I actually still want to go back to Men section in Primark and get more tops from there. I hope you enjoyed this post, if there's something you would buy then let me know in the comment section below, and like I said before if there is any suggestions to what I can post about then don't hesitate to let me know. I feel Hauls are easier shown through videos, but hey that's not my forte yet. Oh, and one last message. My birthday is in 3 days! I'm praying the day goes well :D

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