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by - Sunday, October 02, 2016

I think this become a monthly post. July, August, and now September (Well it should have been posted on 30th September, but it's up now, a couple of days late). Since the boutique was closed for a couple of weeks, I was so looking forward to the re-open, hence why my partner and I went on the day! 


When Baker St Cakes re-open, expect something new. The Lotus Biscoff Cupcake was the "Something New". I love trying out new combination/flavours, and this was one of them. I had this all to myself which was good because this cupcake was delicious. The fact that this cupcake contains ginger may put people off, but honestly the balance that is created by using caramel and caramelised biscuit aka the lotus biscoff works so well together. And to make it less strong I love how the cream just gives it that smoothness, and light texture to the cupcake <3


The Birthday Cupcake just looks good! It honestly is the perfect vanilla sponge cake. The cake was so soft and perfect, and I love how it's filled with raspberry jam because it adds such a lovely taste to the bite. The cream is damn smooth and creamy. All in all, you can't go wrong with this cupcake! Plus the sprinkles are just an amazing bonus! <3


Do we even need to talk about this!? Chocolate Nutella Praline, just like the one we had at out last visit was excellent. Although this was definitely filled with more Nutella in the middle, and I was so happy with that because I am that type of girl that loves taking spoonfuls of Nutella from the jar. Hence why when I had this, I was so happy and glad. 


Honestly, it's surprising how many fruity flavours I've had from Baker St Cakes, because other than orange, and mango I'm not a person to have those fruit flavoured desserts. This Raspberry and Chocolate Macaron was delicious. The raspberry flavour comes out so well from the macaron shells, and by having that chocolate in the middle creates such a yummy taste that I really enjoyed because it wasn't so strong.  


The next macaron is the Mango and Lime Macaron. Main reason was because I really wanted to see how this combo would turn out to be because mangoes are quite sweet, and lime well they are quite tangy. And it was lovely! Seriously, the bakers just know which flavours would work will with each other. The flavours of them weren't too overwhelming, which is great because the flavours are impactful despite it being not too strong hehe if that makes sense. 


Honestly, I forgot the name for this macaron but as far as I remember there was Vanilla mentioned, so I will just name it Vanilla Macaron. This was sweet and different from the other macarons that were picked since it was not related to any fruit. It was quite basic but I liked that because sometimes after having so many items that are filled with so many flavours, it's nice to have something subtle. 


Seriously I don't even know what to say about Baker St Cakes items anymore, all that goes through my mind is how delicious it was because honestly, they are. So when it comes to typing down the details it does get hard because I don't have anything bad to say at all. This time, I took my Instax Mini because I wanted to capture one or two photographs of Baker St Cakes as it is something memorable and important. It was quite cool using it, and although the shots were pretty okay, there is still room for more learning. By the way, I took the flat lay type of shot, whilst the partner took the other. That's about all lovelies! Hope you enjoyed this post <3 

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