Lunchings On A Sunny Day | SOM

by - Friday, October 07, 2016

Good afternoon lovelies! Last week, I was down at Saints Of Mokha for a lovely lunch munch because I've been meaning to try out their panini since it's been circling quite a lot on their Instagram page. And since the weather was lovely and warm, some cold drinks was needed.


The panini my partner and I chose was the Chicken and Cheese Panini, because well we love our meats hehe. When the panini arrived it looked just like any panini. Grilled, cheesy and good. But after taking a bite of it, I understood the hype over the reason why people bought this because it was freaking delicious! I loved how cheesy, and meaty it was because it just made the taste a whole lot better. We got to have one piece each, and after having one, I was really tempted to have another because it was yummy!!


For the cold drink, other than a Cola for him, I ordered a Hazelnut Frappuccino. Firstly I love how they give it in a Mason Jar, I honestly got to appreciate that. Secondly for what you pay, this the amount they give you is actually worth it because this did take a while to finish. I really love how they still stick to the authentic roasted coffee, because the taste comes out well, as well as the hazelnut that was added to the mixture!

All in all, this was a success! Alhumdullilah the places I go to, turns out well, and if they are really good, you will understand my constant visits to there every once in a while, because honestly, places like Saints Of Mokha, Baker St Cakes and Chaiiwala are worth it!

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