Sweetness Overload | Baker St Cakes

by - Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Good afternoon amours! All I can say is, I am warning you all with the amount of sweetness this post is filled with, so don't blame me for any sudden hunger or cravings hehe, and I hope you all enjoy this post <3


Oh my gosh! Finally, I went to Baker St Cakes with cakes there. Honestly, most of the times we visit, it's just filled with cupcakes, macarons and the extra special ones, and Alhumdulillah, this time, we got the cakes! Ah! Happy moments. Not let me just say, these Tiramisu cake squares depend on two factors; it's a dessert that non-coffee lovers would enjoy, and something coffee lovers would love too but would notice that there is not much coffee taste in the sponge fingers. 


I am the latter, so I did notice that the coffee taste wasn't as strong as Tiramisus would be. However, I really enjoyed it because this was a fusion of cake and tiramisu which was so good. The mascarpone cheese was used well, so it wasn't overwhelming which was nice. After this cake, I would so want more because it's so great to have a piece of cake in front of you, which you can devour hehe. 


Raspberry Rose Pistachio Cupcake was so good! I loved how there was a decent amount of raspberry infused in the centre of the cupcake because it added a lovely texture to the bite when it's surrounded by cake. This cupcake definitely brings back memories since it was one of the first cupcakes we had from BSC hehe. Oh and I so love cream swirl on top!


The Birthday Oreo and Nutella Hazelnut Praline cupcakes are those cupcakes that I don't need to say much about, especially the Nutella Hazelnut Praline since I've had that three consecutive times. And there's a reason why, it's because they are just so damn delicious, that you can't help but pick them, and there's no questioning as to why they are brought back again and again. 



Onto the next special part to this post other than the cake, and that are these goodness! Big macarons, small macarons and the 'Master' Brownie. The macarons chosen were the Creme Brulee (NEW!), Belgian Chocolate, and the Oversized Pistachio. The Creme Brulee macaron was on point, damn the sweetness that came from that macaron was so amazing, I could so devour more of them! Belgian Chocolate macaron is just like a Belgian chocolate, which I love because those chocolates are for sure really tasty. And lastly the Oversized Pistachio macaron was definitely even better, just having the pistachio macaron in a bigger size made the visit better because I love my pistachio flavoured desserts <3


Lastly the 'Master' Brownie. You get two types of brownies, one that is more fudge based, and the other is cakeier. This brownie was definitely a fudge one, which meant it was more chocolatey, which is such a bonus because anything that is overloaded with chocolate is what I love. Some people may not like that, but I so enjoyed gobbling this up. 

Amours! This post definitely was an overload of so many yummy desserts, so unless you are like me, and can handle it, I would recommend you don't order all this in a go haha, because after having most of these (had to pack a cupcake, and half brownie at the end), my partner and I were so full, it honestly felt like we had a big lunch!

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