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by - Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Heya! This is so late, and I mean so so late! But it's here, and that's what matters. About 2 months ago, some Friday's for my partner and I, would be outing days. Hence why we made a trip to Birmingham. Sea Life was not planned, but because we remembered getting an offer from a ticket from our previous Birmingham trip, we thought why not.


The weather was pretty shit on that day! I still remember how windy and cold it was just going from the parking lot to the Sea Life building. But we managed. 

There's not much to say about the visit, but it was cool. The partner is a huge fan of sea creatures/animals, especially fishes. I mean he can go on and on about it! Sometimes it's pretty amazing seeing him fascinated into, but when it keeps happening all the time, then it does get a tad bit boring hehehe. 


We spent a good couple of hours seeing everything and taking pictures, although the majority of these photographs were taken by the other half, so all credit goes to him. Our favorite part was the underwater world. It was nice being surrounded by penguins, fishes, water etc. The experience was beautiful <3


Underwater World
After exploring Sea Life, we needed a good munch! And the debate was between Tipu Sultan and Shere Khan. We ended up deciding Shere Khan, however, I would say 85% of that decision was made by the other half. I gave in because either way I've heard good things about both those places. 


This is my favorite part of the post, food review <3. The first starter we ordered were the Lamb Chops Tikka. These were so delicious! The masala used to marinate the lamb chops, and the way it was perfectly cooked, definitely made it yummy to have. Plus the pieces they used were well picked, there were a good amount of meat on each piece. 


The second starter was Chicken Tikka. These are juicy chicken marinated in Shere Khan’s special marinade and flame-grilled to perfection. Once again, these were grilled to perfection. It wasn't overcooked. To be honest, I don't know any restaurants that can beat this. My other half and I even said, next time we come, Shere Khan, we can just survive on the appetizers itself because they are not costly at all, and are great quality.


For the main, we ordered Karahi King Prawn Special. This is a "traditional Karahi, infused with garlic, ginger, green chillies, tomatoes, coriander and tossed with delicate herbs and spices". At first, we thought is that all. because it looked small in front of us, and for the price, we paid we expected more. However, by the end of it, our opinion did change. There was enough to share between two people, and we did get full. So it was worth it <3

The karahi was definitely cooked properly. The ingredients, spices they used were the correct amount. And the prawns, ummm, they were so good to eat! #Seafoodlover. The consistency was perfect, you could have it with both rice or fresh naan. 


The fresh naan... Was great. Some places like to say they provide fresh naan, and when they arrive, well it really isn't what they say. But Shere Khan provides such quality and amazing food. The naan was soft, and not overly buttery, which I like. However, we were very disappointed with one item. The chips. I mean how can you go wrong with chips *inserts crying emoji. We finished it all, and the quantity was great. But it wasn't crispy. We need chips to be cooked properly! Everything was all top-notch, but the simplest item wasn't. HOW!?


Despite that disappointment, overall everything was amazing. We would definitely go back, to try more traditional Pakistani cuisines. Also, I don't know why, even noow people are always staring at you if you bring a camera out to take pictures, like hello it's the 21st century. But that's not going to stop me and the other half, we will continue doing what we got to do. 

I hope you guys enjoyed the post. And you can always follow my social media's which are linked at the bottom of this post, or at the top of the page, to be updated with everything, although I am more socially active on Instagram. So yeah! Thanks for reading guys! <3

I also have a vlog up about our trip, so I hope you guys enjoy it. It's our first ever vlog so please do bear with us!

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