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by - Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Hey, guys! Hope you are all doing well? I know it's the exam season for the majority of the students reading this, and I wish you all good luck. I hope you'll do great, and honestly kill it because I know the struggle and stress that occurs during the exam season. And well once it's over, then you got a long summer waiting for you to enjoy!

So before Ramadhan starts, I thought I might as well get the food posts over and done with because it's just rude to post food related things on the blog whilst I, as well as fellow Muslims readers, are fasting hehe.

This post is about Rebus Domes! This is a pop-up dessert parlour being held at Gunpowder and Tea (my partner and I's favourite shisha place), that has been around for 4 weeks, and only has 2 more weeks to go. Quite unfortunate I say because this experience is not typical in Leicester. I must say there definitely should be because it's cool! Also if any of you guys know Ali Imdad (from GBBO aka Great British Bake Off), well this dessert parlour is in collaboration with him.

Right, let's get into this! When we reached the shisha place. we were asked by one of the workers whether we wanted just dessert, or shisha too. Our main goal was the dessert, so we went for that. When we got the Rebus Domes menu, we were told 2 desserts were not available, which was alright because there were still more options to go for.


The first one we ordered was 'The Campfire'. There were brownie bites, marshmallows, oat biscuits, mint sticks, chocolate bowl, chocolate crisps, and melted chocolate sauce, with a smoking cup. When we got this, the worker that brought it asked whether we wanted to create the smoke, or if we wanted them to do, which is a great suggestion because at least you have the option. We chose to do it ourselves, and I must say, the experience was fascinating hehe. 


My partner and I killed it all. It was nice to have this re-creation because I have never done a campfire, the closest I have come to it, is seeing it in the movies. Lame I know. I love everything chocolate, so this was perfect because pretty much everything was chocolate. The presentation was on point, and it's set out in a way, that makes it easy for two people to share between one another. I can't really choose a favourite from it all because I loved it all. 


And the second and last thing we ordered was the 'Signature'. On the menu, this is how it is described as since I fail at describing "Ali's signature melting dome. A warm chocolate hazelnut brownie, topped with creamy hazelnut gelato. Served with a peanut butter and caramel sauce, to drizzle over the chocolate nest dome". Now let me just say, when they brought over the melting dome, it was exactly as it's shown on the menu, and had everything as mentioned. There was no lie.

This was DELICIOUS! Seriously, it was so lovely! The other half totally enjoyed drizzling the peanut butter and caramel sauce and also seeing the process of the dome breaking down, was amazing. So not only was the presentation once again on point but the taste! Oh my gosh! It was fantastic. My partner is not a fan of caramel, but he said that the sauce that was used for this Signature Melting Dome, was really nice and he actually liked it. Between my partner and I, I have a huge sweet tooth, I love them all. 


The gelato used if I am still correct is from Gelato Village, and they are my fave gelato place (and if the gelato is not from Gelato Village, then shoot me for being wrong). But it definitely wasn't ice cream because it did not melt quickly, and ice creams tend to do that. The reason why I say that is because some places like to call it "Gelato" when it really isn't. So here they weren't wrong hehe! 

Each scoop was filled with all the flavours, they weren't overpowering one another. It's a shame I didn't take pictures of when the dome melted, but I did record a video, and unfortunately uploading a video directly onto Blogger, just reduces the quality a lot so I will leave a link directly to the insta video here. I also do apologise for the lack of pictures, and the quality of it, I so wish I did better! But hopefully, if my other half and I visit one last time because it closes, then I WILL do better :D 

Back to the dome, it was filling. By the end of it, my partner and I were full, which is great because you really don't want to be stuffing yourself even more, after having a sweet sugary dessert like this hehe. Let's not think about the calories too. The price of this was around £7, and to be honest, that is not bad. For a fancy and delicious dessert like this, you aren't paying so much. Plus if it's an occasional treat then really why not! 

Overall, I have no negative thing to say about Rebus Dome <3 There are only 2 weeks left, so if any readers haven't visited yet, and they can make the time, then do go. I would suggest the weekdays because during the weekends the place will be pretty busy as any place would be. Not just you guys, but I may try to go one last time with the other half, and if we don't then I'm just glad we got to still experience it! 

Hope you all enjoyed the post! Until next time :D 

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