Beauty | 80p Primark Nail Polishes

by - Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hey amours. I've recently been into the whole nail polish thing especially since I am guilty of searching nail arts etc on Pinterest. I just can't resist it. Since I'm not professional in using nail polishes, I saw no reason to spend so much money on a fancy, branded nail polish. Instead I opted for the ones in Primark. 

I purchased the nude and clear nail polishes, and I love them. They are easy to apply, dry quite quickly and last a long time. These nail polishes are only for 80p, and they are available in various more colours. The brushes are nice and thin, so it's good for application, though for someone new like me, I would apply something outside the nail, just so that you can always peal it off leaving a lovely polished nails. Also if you have the right nail polish remover it will be easy to take off. 

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