Is Being In Trend A Must?

by - Monday, May 09, 2016

Why do youngsters feel the need to be in trend. Like what does it get them. Does having the latest make up products or staying in trend with the latest fashion a need. I don't understand the want to get the latest Air Max, or try out the new Kylie Lip Kit. There are quite a few youngsters that I have seen on either YouTube, or in reality that look way older than they actually are. Don't they want to look young?

I understand that being exposed to the media and seeing all these "goals", makes someone be like but to be honest, sometimes simplicity is the best. There are times where you can spoil yourself, get yourself those lovely make up deals from Superdrugs or try out that super cute outfit. But I feel that youngsters don't need to get themselves stressed out, and feel forced to buy and do such things, they should just go along with how things are. I mean there are 13-14 year olds starting to do contouring, like boo, I don't even wear foundation.

And I get each individual has their own opinion and feel differently, but what I'm trying to say that is if you don't have the latest gadget, make up or in trend with the latest fashion ideas than it's ok. It's fine to be behind. No matter how many times you try to keep up with the trend, a new one will come out, and to continue to stay up to date, is a very hard work and may eventually drain the energy out of you. Just be happy with who you are, take life as it comes, don't follow everyone, and instead create your own style, because that is what people who create these trends do, don't they? They start something, and people follow. Try not to be one of them, and stay true to yourself. Don't lose your identity.

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