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by - Monday, January 11, 2016

Being back in the city, and with college back. I'm back with a post on my latest rendezvous to Lemon Pepper & Sprinkles Cafe. Well more like Sprinkles Cafe, as Lemon Pepper (Restaurant) opens during the evening. 


The interior design of the cafe and restaurant is minimalist, vibrant, and gives a lovely homey atmosphere. During the time I went, my partner and I were the only ones there. And although it wasn't busy, and not much was going on, I can still say that the workers are helpful. Despite it being a recently opened restaurant and cafe, they are doing the best they can, and it's shown in their hospitality and food.


Seating area, decorations, are all worth looking at. And what I love about cafes and restaurants that pay attention to details, and have a great interior design is that, even whilst you are waiting you aren't that bored as there are things to always look at.

Of course, the main part of this post is now here. The food. We ordered Chicken Waffles with Chips, two Red Velvet Cupcakes, and a Freez 411 Miami Blue favoured drink.


Just look at that photograph, doesn't it make you want to have it! This was delish. I have never heard of this combination nor tried it. So when my partner saw it on the menu it was something we HAD to try out. The chicken strips was cooked perfectly, I absolutely loved the coating on it. And to have it placed upon the waffles was great. The waffles was baked well, and it wasn't too sweet to put you off. It had the right balance to give you a yummy taste with the chicken strips. The chips were great too, I'm more of a fries person but sometimes chips are fine too!


Aah! This cupcake. Don't hate on me for saying this but I've never had a red velvet cake/cupcake as far as I remember. And clearly I was missing out on something so delicious, because this cupcake was just heaven! It was scrumptious. The cake soft, spongey and perfectly baked. The cream was so lovely and sweet. And that presentation of the dessert would make anyone want to have one.

The two items I had at Sprinkles Cafe, Masha'Allah, didn't disappoint me at all. The price was just right, wasn't overpriced and that was another thing I loved about the shop. It's not about saving money (maybe a bit), but because there are quite a few shops which you pay more and receive less. The prices that Sprinkles Cafe offered is definitely right for what you get. I'm glad that there's a shop now, that is like that.

To dessert, drink and food lovers I would definitely recommend this place. Lemon Pepper opens at 5 and Sprinkles Cafe opens up from 1 (just to be sure do check their facebook page for more details, and the link is right here). I for certain will hopefully going back there this week, Insha'Allah, to try out more yummy items.

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