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by - Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hiya! This post is about one of the popular topics that is always around on blogs, or YouTube. Hair Do's, and Hair Don'ts. I've kindly been introduced to Madison Reed,  which is a company that focuses on healthy hair, and providing the best hair colour suited to your choice. 

I've handled a fair amount of hair problems, or made sure I did certain things in order to keep my hair healthy and smooth, because which person doesn't want that?


- Be comfortable with your hair. What I mean by this is love your hair. This is because if you don't love your hair, you will continuously be trying out products, using heating items, which is not always good. Not only that but stress is a total no no!

- Use heat protection. I've had some past experiences which I totally regret, and if I knew back then to use heat protection then it would totally prevent then hair thinning which occurred to me. So by all means use your straighteners, curlers etc, as long as you protect your hair. 

- Let your hair breathe. What do I mean by that? I mean let it out loose, your hair shouldn't always be tied up in one way or another.

- Always test hair products out. Use a bit on a small part of hair, just so you know whether it will cause any problem for you or not. Also it's much better than you wasting the whole product, and getting no result, and wasting your money. So it's always better to be safe.

- Trim your hair every 6/8 weeks. This will remove any split ends, and allow your hi to grow more.


- I'm sure this is one that many of you have heard, and that is do not wash your hair everyday. Honestly don't. You aren't allowing nutrients and healthy oil reach the roots of hair, if you wash it everyday. That just leads to thinning and unhealthy hair. If you find your hair greasy, then put it up in a messy bun. Just give yourself that push to not wash it off.

- Don't comb your hair when it is wet. You think it's for the good, but you will just end up pulling more hair out. Instead use a wide tooth comb if you are that will avoid less pulling.

- I've heard using cold water to wash you hair, would create smooth hair. But that's not true. Just as long as you wash your hair every 2/3 days, it's fine.

- Say nay, to using so many hair products. It will ruin the feel, and the health of the hair. Give it some time to be in it's natural form.

- Lastly use less heat appliances. As mentioned before love your hair. I have wavy hair and I would always used to straighten my hair which didn't help besides a couple of hours.  Just a couple of years a go I stopped using it, and ever since I've kept my hair in it'd natural form, and I love it. I love my wavy hair!


Those mentioned above are some do's and don'ts I would recommend when looking after your hair. Below is a picture of some other do's and don'ts which I haven't mentioned, that are explained by stylists. Also here's a hair dye quiz which you can take, to find out which hair dye would suit you, in case you are curious or confused.

If you have any tips or recommendations then leave them in the comments below, or if you admit to having done any of the don'ts I have mentioned. See you guys in my next post!

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