Value to Love

by - Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What annoys me is when people use the word love so aimlessly. Love is an emotion, a deep emotion. It's not an emotion that you just throw around, just because you feel like it. There's value to that emotion. But people now a days just don't care. You don't just go out with someone for a day or two, and then use the phrase I love You. Unless it's love at first sight, which sometimes does occur, don't just say that phrase like that. 

Love is when you want all the happiness for someone. Love is when you care so deeply for another person. Love is when you sacrifice your happiness, just to bring a smile on the other person's face. Love is when you can't love without that person even for a moment. Love is when it pains you seeing that person hurt or in tears. Love makes you do crazy things. Love makes you happy, sad, emotional, weird etc. Love is just a four letter word to be used so casually. It holds so much meaning, and is interpreted in various ways to everyone.

I've been in a relationship for over 3 years, and I do love my other half, but I know deep down that there is so much more love to be given. Love is complicated but it is also the most beautiful yet painful feeling, and until you don't have that strong feeling towards someone, then please don't use the word love so normally.

There's a difference between love and like, a crush and love, lust and love.

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