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by - Friday, January 15, 2016

Hiya! Guess who went back to Sprinkles Cafe again! I did. My other half and I bought Nutella Waffles, Hot Chocolate, Aero Cupcake and Coconut Cupcake.
"It wasn't too soft, too overcooked, or overly covered in a mess of chocolate sauce which would make the waffles soggy... and trust me soggy waffles don't taste nice. Instead it was perfect to my standards for the price you pay" quoted exactly by my other half, and he's a picky and fussy eater. The gelato was tasty, sometimes when you usually go desserts shop and have waffles, the gelato or ice cream are a bit icy which doesn't make it that nice to have. But from sprinkles cafe, it was delicious.
The hot chocolate was amazing, just needed a tad bit of sugar otherwise that whipped cream and marshmallows just added a great touch to the hot drink. It was only £1.90, which is a great price for what you are getting.
Lastly the aero and coconut cupcakes. Honestly the way the cupcakes are baked and made is amazing, because just like my first time visit, the cupcakes were soft and delicious to have. I loved them both simply because they are cakes and desserts. However my other half did prefer the aero one over the coconut, maybe because the aero was a little bit more sweeter than the coconut, because the aero provided the extra sweetness into the cupcake.

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