five fashion icons that influence me

by - Monday, January 18, 2016

Hi guys! I've previously done a similar posts, but instead, it was on personalities rather than fashion. You can check the post out by clicking here. Fashion has evolved very much over the couple years. New styles and designs are being released or created vastly and quickly, that it's just hard to keep up with the trend sometimes. 

Being a Muslim girl, I'm very glad to know that there an uprising amount of female Muslim bloggers and youtubers out there, who can influence people like me. The five fashionista's that I will mention below, have, is and will continue to inspire me.

Dina Tokio: What I love about Dina's fashion is how she designs some of her clothes, which I find really amazing. Her hijab style is great, and it makes me want to try and buy new scarf materials, because it's all about the experiments, and taking the leap to try. Dina's style is funky, cool and chic. I would not even be able to imagine seeing someone dressed like that in my city. But Dina just knows how to make it work, I wouldn't even think of pairing certain items with one another, and Dina does it like that. That maybe just all leads to confidence in yourself.

• Rumena Begum: Rumena's style is gorgeous. I love it. What I love is that she embraces the Asian dude of her. I once used to think that it wasn't fine to be wearing Indian clothes, simply because it would make you stand out from the others. Now I've come to start liking Indian dresses, though I don't have much, other than the occasions one, I still enjoy it. Other than Indian attires, I love the casual and smart style Rumena carries out. It's not to hyped, nor is it's too simple.

• Saima: Saima's fashion ranges from long dresses, Indian dresses, and casual everyday wear. I love her everyday fashion, as some of them are in fact the kind I do wear which is why I love seeing other way she's style dresses, shirts etc. Her hijab tutorial are soo good, I love how she still covers her hair, yet create different hijab styles that can go with any type of outfits.

Sebinah: My current/everyday hijab style is inspired by Sebinah. Since the start of the second year at college, I decided to change my hijab style, and start using viscous material. I searched for many hijab tutorial that would work well with my face structure, and finally I found one by Sebinah. Her style is beautiful. The thing about Sebinah, is that when I'm looking at her photographs, I see bright colours, or just various colours other than black, and that makes me want to go out, and shop for so many coloured dresses, kimonos, cardigans and hijabs.

• Aneesah: Lastly Aneesah. She's an amazing designer, and I adore the clothes she has designed because they are quite unique, and so gorgeous. I've been following her Instagram for quite a long time, and I have seen the change in her fashion, it's not such a big one, but there is a change. Aneesah's hairstyle is on point too! If I ever do buy a skirt, then I know that I can always come on Aneesah's page to see how I can style it. She styles a fashion item different ways which I enjoy seeing. 


Overall I currently can relate to Saima and Sebinah's fashion style, but I hope to slowly or in the future be able to use the fashion style that Rumena, Dina and Aneesah create into reality, rather than just thinking about it all day. I hope you enjoyed this post, and leave in the comments down below who your fashion icons are. 

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