20 facts about me

by - Monday, May 25, 2015

Thought I might as well tell you awesome people; some facts about me. This idea was from Instagram, and though I could do it there, I want to do it here because I want people to be able to connect with me, and learn more things about me, besides the fact that I create blog posts.

1. I am seventeen years old - soon going to be 18!

2. I love Disney - movies, characters, songs, merchandise, disney world <3 <3

3. I absolutely love reading (Nicholas Sparks books are just P E R F E C T) and writing books - I have an account on Wattpad, and on there I write books, currently I have 3/4 books on there. 

link is: http://www.wattpad.com/user/SimplyFashionista_

4. I have no idea what I want to do in the future because there are just so many things out there, and sometimes it's just pointless dwelling into it :p

5. I love chocolate - no it's not normal well to my family and friends because I can't live without it. I can eat so many chocolate in a day and it is bad - but it don't bother me because I can't live without it. 

5. I am in a relationship of 3 years, and I am so blessed to have my other half enter my life, and to love and support me always.

6. I wear the colour black way too much - even if I want to stop I just can't because I always end up going back to them!

7. I would really really love to travel around the world - the only places I have been are;
- Burma (too young to remember - but it's lovely) 
- Makkah and Madinah (B E A U T I F U L) 
- Dubai (the landscapes, foods, attractions and culture : on point) 
- France / Paris (City Of Love <3) 

8. My background: Burmese, Madagascan, British, French and Indian - don't even ask me how, I just am :D (feels good to be multicultural)

9. I am a foodie - I just adore food so much, the different types - delicious. Italian being my favorite!

10. I can't wait to get married - I know it's young to say it. But I really love the idea of being married and having a family.

11. I have way too many notebooks - even though I don't need them, but I buy them because they simply just look good, or at that time I 'think' I need it! This leads to my obsession with stationary! 

12. I would like to do many activities like; paintballing, bowling, boat riding and bike riding - yes it's crazy because I can't see myself doing that, yet I want to.

13. I want to have a kitten - but then I don't like animals much :p - they just look so adorable!!

14. I am a daddy's girl - family means a lot to me <3

15. I love my shows - the originals, pretty little liars, teen wolf, suits, castle, grey's anatomy, supernatural, arrow, the flash, orphan black!

16. Bollywood > Hollywood 

17. Photography and editing is a passion - I so want a polaroid and canon camera <3

18. I am an introvert 

19. I don't have many friends - and the ones I do are amazing because they are the ones who are loyal, and truthful (and a bunch of retards :D)

20. I want a job - who knew applying for jobs is so stressful because you just don't know whether they accept you or not! 

That's about it for now :) I hope you guys have got to know me more through this! 

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