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by - Friday, May 22, 2015

I'm a person that absolutely loves customising my phone - and it is a bad habit because I am literally changing icons all the time. I have honestly just changed my icons a while a go and that's what struck my mind to do a post on personalising your Android.

Since on Android phones there are a wide range of apps for personalising your phones. I will show you guys the apps I use to personalise my phones since everyone has their own unique style.

Quite a few famous icons changer are CocoPPa and icoron. Now I have tried these apps before and to me there was just a lot going on. The apps were quite slow because of too many items on the app I guess and at first I did use both of them, but what was annoying was when I had to find all the icons that were similar to the one I liked. Because of this I decided to delete both apps.

I literally went on a hunt to find the best and decent icon changer app and it was worth it because I found one of the best apps for personalising my phone. Line Deco.

Line Deco allows me to download icon packs, with matching home and lock screens - which is what I wanted because I have this weird phobia (if I can call that) if my icons and wallpapers don't match.
The app is absolutely amazing because you don't have to look through much, you can navigate from one section to another easily. And the awesome fact is that once you've found the perfect icon pack - you can download all the icons you want at the same time :D

Now I don't just change my app - I also change my keyboard and font style.

Font style is a bit tricky and this is because there are just way too many apps for it, and sometimes I don't want too many fonts. That is why one of the main fonts app I use is HiFont, this has various amount of different fonts, which you can just download and use it straight away!

Lastly keyboard! I've had my fair share experiences of using keyboard apps, and the one that I'm very happy with, and totally find useful is TouchPal. This is because I can download themes from the app, or I can even customise it suiting my own needs! You can make the keyboard different colour to the fonts, and you can re-size the keyboard to how big or small you want it.

These apps are absolutely FREE! and it is what I am comfortable with because it is easy to access and use. You don't have to use them if you don't want to. But if you want to check them out then totally go for it. Let me know if you want more posts like these, or need any help!

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  1. Thankss ✌ been wanting to change my s5's wallpaper, lock screen, etc; nice one 💯💯 keep it going very useful blogs 👌

    1. thank you very much!! :) glad the apps helped :D

  2. Thankss ✌ been wanting to change my s5's wallpaper, lock screen, etc; nice one 💯💯 keep it going very useful blogs 👌