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by - Saturday, May 23, 2015

I love instagram - it is honestly so fun going on it, and just posting pictures all the time, and no one can bloody complain that you post way too much (haha).

But to me Instagram is not only about showcasing what you eat or what you did, etc. Instead I feel that it's a place where I can improve my editing skills and become a better photographer, because you got to admit Instagram has some amazing filters, like LUDWIG!

Before I edit any photos, I go through a long process, well not so long any more because I am used to it now. Four main apps I use to edit my photographs are:

- VSCO Cam (free)
- Afterlight (£0.59)
- InstaShot (free)
- PhotoGrid (free)

These apps are so good and amazing! Literally my most favourite one is VSCO. The app allows me to use a variety of filters, C1 and F2 being the ones I often use. Once I pick a filter, I then use the other editing tools like exposure, fade, contrast and saturation. When I am happy and content with the way the photograph has come out, I take it into InstaShot. 

InstaShot lets me put the white background around my photos. I am very precise with how much of the white border I want around my photos, because it literally is weird if I change how my Instagram feed looks like - Yes I am weird. I usually put the number on 22, and then share it on Instagram. 

You know what - even that is not enough because there is something about Instagram edits and filters that I feel the need to use them still. I use brightness and contrast most of the time and sometimes I fiddle about with the saturation if I am in one of those moods. 

The process is the same with Afterlight - though in that app there is a log of different filters, some are quite the same. Also in the app there are overlays which I sometimes use and just experiment with. One of the reason why I love Afterlight is that there are some amazing light leak, which is nice and cool because it gives it that edgy feeling to my pictures. But the reason I use VSCO more is because I am just used to it a lot more then Afterlight, and also the app is different in comparison to the iPhone's, the quality on the android is much lower than the iPhone. 

When there is a day where I have just taken so many pictures - I am quite lazy and just don't want to post each of them separately, so I use PhotoGrid. This is just a collage app, where I just collaborate all my pictures in one. If my photos are portrait then the size of the collage would be 5:7, with gaps in between the photos. Plus I keep my background white, because when I put it in on Instagram then I just want the photos in a collage type with the white background. After that I take it into Instagram and play with the filters. I tend to avoid filters besides Ludwig because that is the only one that keeps the white borders, and it annoys me if the white border is not there :/

I guess that's all for this post, I hope it has helped any android users, and let me know what you think of this post and what other topics you would like me to talk about :) 

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  1. This was very good Rabia, a good sense of humor too.

    1. that is way too formal coming from you sister!

  2. Great detailed post =)
    Keep up the great work! <3