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by - Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Since i've started college - i've been visiting many restaurants, and it's totally worth it because I spend it with the one I love, and it is amazing. Though sometimes I would like to save up my money ;) but it's fine! 

So one of the restaurants I have visited twice is More Restaurant. This is a buffet restaurant , where they provide a variety of different cuisines - Indian, Mexican, Italian and Chinese. 

What basically happens is that you get served to a table, then you just go to the food section - grab a plate and serve yourself to all the delicious foods. I tend to always grab something small first so maybe a slice of Pizza and Chips. After that I just keep going back and forth because that's the whole point of a buffet - eat as much as you want! 

There is no specific food that I go with, because there are just way too many - so whenever I visit the place I try to eat different foods which I haven't tried yet :)

So it's not just the food that you can eat as much as you want but also desserts. The disappointing factor is that there is a limited choices of which desserts to eat. There is a whole section of 4/6 different cake slices, and just about 2 Indian desserts. Then there is section where you can get ice cream (vanilla, chocolate and strawberry) served in a bowl or cone.

Being a die hard lover of desserts, I would have liked to have more choices because come on you got to admit - there are way more desserts than just that! Lastly drinks. Drinks are paid separately, which is why I avoid buying drinks in More, and instead just pop into another shop. Thankfully you do get served water, which the waiter/waitress refill for you when you finish with them. 

Overall the restaurant is actually quite nice - I usually go during lunch time, which is quiet and peaceful, and that is what I love,  especially if I go with my partner. The cost of lunch buffet, is £6.99 per person. There is another price for the evening buffet - but I don't know what it is because I only go the lunch one. More Restaurant is open from 7am till late.

This has been my first review on a food place - and I hope it has helped people, to either want to go to the place or not :) hopefully it has made you want to go there!

P.S:  If you are a student, then you totally get student discount :D 

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