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by - Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hiya! My first post will be on three products from the body shop. Two of the products were recently brought thanks to my mum, and the other is an item which I brought quite a few months ago.

The body shop products are absolutely amazing! I literally use many products from that store because not only do they smell good but also they work really well!

One of the products that I brought was the All - in - One BB cream. At first I never used to wear make up or use much cream on my face, besides eyeliner because I just didn't bother with it, but after a while I decided that I wanted to try some products out but I didn't want it to be too heavy and known. So I was recommended to this BB cream by the worker who was serving me.

But guess what even then I didn't know the difference or much about it. However I still just ended up buying it. Once I started applying the product on my face, it did such amazing wonders. The cream was subtle, and covered my spots which I wanted. Now this cream lasted quite a long time for me - roughly 2 months I guess. I literally just loved it and wanted to buy more of it.

Since there were some offers on other products my mum decided to buy the Vitamin E Cool BB cream and Hand & Nail Treatment.

I wasn't to sure on whether the Vitamin E Cool BB Cream was going to good, and I guess I was right. With this product I was actually quite disappointed. I was told that the cream would be quite similar to the All - in - One BB Cream, when in fact it wasn't. The cream was just quite thick and cakey (if that's a word) and it just didn't work well on my face :/ which is why it is still lying in cupboard untouched for the past month.

The last product is the Vitamin E Hand and Nail Treatment. This treatment works perfectly well, it is long lasting and has made my hand much more smoother, soft and moisturised, not only that but my nails have actually grown more!!

The Body Shop Products -
• All - in - One BB Cream: £12.00
• Vitamin E Cool BB Cream: £11.00
• Vitamin E Hand and Nails Treatment: £8.50

*This is not a sponsored post

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