badlapur: good or bad?

by - Saturday, June 13, 2015

Disclaimer: If you haven't watched this movie then don't read since there may be some spoilers.

Like all my weekends, today was an unproductive day. I spent the morning and afternoon helping my mum, but after that I stayed in my room either on Instagram, or watching videos on YouTube about some Bollywood news. Whilst watching some videos, I decided to watch a movie that was long overdue for me to watch. 

Hence I watched it today, The movie was Badlapur starring Varun Dhawan, Yami Gautam, and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. I have to say this was a phenomenal movie. The acting by the actors was tremendous. Like WOW! It was touching, upsetting and shocking. The whole concept of Revenge was shown perfectly. 

This movie shows the dark side of the world; death, revenge, and murder etc. The actors did justice to the character because it is quite hard for a 20's man to play a 40 year old man. But Varun defintely pulled it off and played the role of Raghav really well, it was great. Not only Varun, but Yami played a great role of a mother and wife in the movie. Though she wasn't shown much, but her storyline and memories were absolutely beautiful with her child (in the movie). Nawaz like always played a negative role, but he did a awesome job too, but what he did at the ending of the movie was honestly shocking and unexpected. I won't spoil it for the people who haven't watched it. but it's scenes like this that draw's the viewer into the movie more.

The music in this movie are beautiful and perfect for the movie. Music always plays a main part of a movie because they are released first before the movie. My 2 favorite songs from the movie are: Jee Karda and Jeena Jeena. Both the songs are completely different to one another. 

Jee Karda was the first song I heard when it was released on YouTube, and from there I wanted to watch the movie. The song is raw and full of emotion, which you can feel so badly. It is quite different as well, but that is what was great about it. This song was literally on repeat for quite a few weeks. Let's not forget the lyrics, damn they are good and that is why once you hear it, you get addicted to it. 

Jeena Jeena is beautiful. It is sung by Atif Aslam, and anyone who knows the songs this man sings then they know that they are on point, and perfect. This song gives me the feels, it touches my heart, and makes me fall in love with the song all over again and again. The lyrics are beautiful. Honestly if you love songs that are quite sad but romantic then this is the one. It is wonderful. 

Badlapur shows that revenge shouldn't be taken because it just won't end. People will just keep on hurting one another until they give up, but by then so much damage would have been created. Also it portrays that revenge is not the answer to everything, you have to think before making any rational decisions.  

Overall the movie was great, though I kind of expected more, since Raghav (Varun) waited 15 years to punish the criminal, and he did but to the wrong person, and what he did the criminal was not much either. I would have liked more action scene. But other wise there were some moments that were great, and makes you react like WHAAT? Plus the performances by the actors were wonderful as well. So if you like the actors, or violence then you should watch this movie.

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