pretty little liars season 6 | spoilers and facts

by - Sunday, June 07, 2015

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This post is just full of spoilers and facts on Pretty Little Liars Season 6. No paragraphs. A bit of reading. Just looking. Warning: This contains spoilers so if you want to avoid it, don't look at this post, but if you want to find out more, then go ahead read more! 

All credits go to PrettyLittleLiarsReveals on instagram - since I took all the pictures from that page :)

*shocked face*

Looking forward to seeing that! :D

Finally! I guess so ;) I think I will miss A!

Curious to what happened to them!

Lucy still looks beautiful!

Melissa! I like her, can't wait to see her back

*shocked face* again!

Love the Hasting's family! The only family that cares so much I guess, even though the others do as well. But still.


YAAAAY! I love Janel <3

Can't wait for this! I love Ezria <3

Hmm! Interesting

I think it will be Hannah or Aria. Mainly Hannah since there was an Instagram post kind of connected to it :)

So want to know who it is!

Clearly! And Charles' storyline is quite upsetting and heartbreaking apparently!

Wonder why?

About time! Want to see how the time leap will turn out!

Awww yaaaay!

Isn't he a main role already :)


Going to watch those episodes again and make a list!

I think it's more than just electric shocks :/

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