dad tag

by - Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers, grandfather's, and to the mothers who fulfil the role of a father to their child. This is a short dad tag, from my amazing pops. Love you dad <3

1.What was I like as a child?
 Cute and take possession of everything around you

2. What's something funny I did when I was younger? Using my PC/Computer

3. Have you learned anything about makeup/beauty from me? So far I haven't

4. What's a weird habit of mine? You gather spit in your mouth and blow it

5. If you had to rename your daughter, what would you name her?

6.When you guys go out to eat what does she order? Chicken wings

7. What is one thing you wish she would do? Be married

8. Whats something I do that annoys you?
 You don't reply back on time

9. Whats something I obsess over? Your mobile

10. Where would you like to see me in 10 years (future)? Jannah [Paradise]

11. When were you most proud of me? The day you were born

12. What's the worst thing I've ever done? Nothing so far

13. What's your favorite moment of us together? The day you were born and I held you in my arms

14. How was I in school? A behaved student

15. What would you change if you could raise me again? Your skills and degrees

16. Describe my perfect type of guy. Someone who when you see will remind you of your dad (loving and caring).

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