EID 2016 | OOTD Ft. Baker St Cakes

by - Thursday, July 07, 2016

Hey lovelies! Hope you all had a great Eid, filled with happiness, time with family and food. I love to find out what people wore on Eid or an occasional day, because it's super intriguing, and beautiful to see all you lovelies wearing such stunning outfits. So here's mines <3 I loved my outfit this year. I hope you do too!

For my top I wore a 3/4 sleeved black body top, simply because I didn't want my top be the center of attention. This year it was all about the skirt. Plus, with the warm weather, I thought wearing a long sleeve would just make me feel hot. However I did use a light weighted hijab as shawl, which I received from Gemini Scarves, as I won a giveaway! Hence this hijab really helped in terms of extra coverage.

Oh my gosh! I fell in love with the skirt the minute it arrived through the parcel. I couldn't wait to open the package because I was quite nervous to see how it would be like as I ordered it off Instagram. One thing I had to say was that it definitely was much puffier than I imagined. To me, the skirt was more like a ball gown type, and I even got a comment by someone whilst walking through town whether "I was dressing up for Eid or a wedding?" Also, my small sister did say I looked like I was dressed up for a wedding. Honestly lovelies, I had to wear heels (unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it), because length wise the skirt reached the floor, so if you do order this skirt, then you got to take these into consideration. This skirt just got even more better because IT HAS POCKETS! Not just one, but on both sides :D

For the accessories. I wore a statement necklace. I don't own many, but this is one of my personal favorite. I've had it for 3 years and it still looks gorgeous. So for an outfit like this, it totally works. Also that silver colour, goes along with the white scarf, even without the scarf, the necklace adds a lovely touch of colour. 

Recently, I purchased a set of two bracelets from Debenhams. They are simple, yet gorgeous because of the sparkly glitter. For my nails, I used plain pink'ish nails from Primark. And I must say I am so in love with them, that it honestly broke my heart when I had to take them off. Just typing on my phone, holding my purse got so much better. I'm sure you girlies understand what I mean <3 

My henna was done by the lovely Aamena, whom you can find on Instagram, I will link her page here <3 She is such a lovely girl, and Masha'Allah so talented. I just showed her a picture of what I wanted, and she honestly got inspired and straight recreated it again. Aamena has been doing Henna for about 2 years, and it's amazing what she does. If you have checked her page out, then you will totally understand what I mean. So if you live in Leicester, and there's an occasion that's going to take place, or you just want to get henna on your hands, contact Aamena <3

For my clutch, some of you may notice it's the one I've used last year. Honestly for things like this, I don't any point buying a new one, when all I needed it for was to put my Eidi (Eid Money)when visiting someone's house, and for putting my phone in when I was out. This clutch can't go wrong with this outfit, simply because of the black colour and silver embroidery.

Lastly I was gifted these lovely macarons by my partner. So many flavours and they all tasted great, even if I didn't have 2 of them because my little sister had never tried them. Bakers St Cakes. You guys did an amazing job like always <3 The amount of cupcakes and macarons orders they received for Eid was Masha'Allah so many, and they managed it! I still have the box, because I couldn't bring myself to throw it away :D

Outfit Details:
- Black Body Top: Primark
- Maxi Skirt: CatwalkBazaar1
- Hijab (Maroon): eBay
- Hijab (White): Gemini Scarves
- Clutch: Primark 
- Nails: Primark
- Henna: Henna By Aamena
Bracelets: Debenhams
- Necklace: Primark

That is it amours, hope you enjoyed this post. Comment down below what your thoughts are on the outfit, and leave links down below linking to your Eid outfit, whether it's a blog post or an Instagram link, I would love to see <3

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