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by - Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hiya amours! I just got back from London last night. How have you all been? How's your holidays? Recently the day before Ramadhan, I went to Chaiiwala with my small sister since she hasn't really been and she's been wanting to try out the Bombay Sandwich badly. As I've already had sandwich and did I post on it which you can find right here! I opted for something different, and definitely something I've been wanting to have for ages.


The Chilli Paneer. I love Paneer, especially the way my mum makes it! So delicious, sweet yet spicy! These I got to say nearly reached that level, because come on no food beats those cooked by your mother. The Chilli Paneer was cooked so well, so it had a lovely crispy type coating. And the sauce used was, oh my gosh so freaking yummy! I usually don't like spring onions, but with this everything worked well with one another. The food was definitely filling, that I had to take half home, and what I loved was how, despite being in a bag for a good couple of hours whilst I was in town, it didn't lose it's crispiness, and tasted as yummy when it was brought to me in the store. 

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