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by - Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Hi amours! This post has been sitting in my draft section for quite a while, and I feel it's time to post it. Plus, I'm sure you guys have missed my food posts as much as I have, so no need to wait any longer. If you follow me on Instagram, then you must have seen that I recently went to Saints Of Mokha. 


Saints Of Mokha is located on Evington Road, which yes means, you have access to other great food places mentioned on my blog. So convenient, and such a great location. The day I visited the place it was a rainy day, as you can tell from the pictures, but the place still looks great. I love the use of vintage colour for the tables, decoration and plants. 


When you enter the shop, you see it surrounded with vintage style typography wall art, which is all about coffee. What is unique is about the shop is that it looks spontaneous, there isn't anything perfect. It gives it the homey effect, which allows you to be comfortable and just enjoy your hot/cold drink and food. The reason why I wanted to visit Saints Of Mokha was because I heard so many good things about the coffee. Being a coffeeholic I had to check it out for myself. And as you guys saw from the first picture, the store emphasis's on 'Roasted Coffee', which means it's fresh. It is not instant coffee.


So what type of coffee did I order? I ordered Cappuccino. If you know your coffee's well then you would be able to tell that they coffee beans they use are definitely roasted. The cappuccino did not taste instant, and was purely fresh. The coffee beans had a strong taste, and with the right amount of milk etc it was really really good. Sugar varies upon each individual, and for me I did have to use a good amount of sugar packets hehe. What I loved about Saints Of Mokha is the use of the coffee art. Now Leicester ain't no American city, so getting such lovely and aesthetically pleasing coffee in front of you isn't an everyday thing. 


And the second item that was ordered were the red velvet cake. Just look at the picture, doesn't it scream deliciousness to you, because it sure did taste amazing. Nice, soft, creamy, and perfect baked. I've had my fair share amount of red velvet cake, and one thing I got to say was that it was 100x more better than mines :P. I really loved the small cake pieces used for decorations. 

On a rainy day these two items were honestly perfect, and even if it wasn't rainy I would still go to the shop and get myself a cup of coffee because that is guaranteed to be great. I do hope to go back soon because they do have other items like Tea, Panini, Toasties, Cakes etc. Like always, do pop by lovelies, and let me know in the comments how it went. 

Keep a watch out for an Eid related post soon, especially an OOTD. 

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