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by - Monday, July 25, 2016

Amours! This post doesn't even need any introduction anymore, because you all know how this boutique is like my go to place, like it has every right to be. So let's just get straight into it. Quick note, it was so nice to be back there. The boutique was closed during Ramadhan, and of course since it's the summer holiday, an actual holiday is bound to happen, which is what the owners/bakers/couple did. They went Dubai! A beautiful and stunning place. The photographs that were posted on @mvshf honestly makes you want to be there. On 21st, they re-opened the boutique, and on 23rd my partner and I went! We ordered: Birthday Oreo Cupcake, Chocolate Banoffee Cupcake, Raspberry & Pistachio Macaron, Chocolate Salted Caramel Macaron, Motjito Macaron and Praline Paris Brest!


Here goes the full breakdown as always. We got the birthday oreo, simply because it's one of those cupcakes that you just can't resist. It's just looking straight at you, and it never disappoints us. I've previously posted how the cupcake is right here! But I will say again, it is really good. This just show how consistent the bakers are with their baking. Always on point.


Next one is something new. Chocolate Banoffee Cupcake. The cupcake itself is fluffy and baked so good. Honestly their cupcake base is amazing Masha'Allah no matter what type of frosting or flavours they have in the middle of the cupcake. I really enjoyed this cupcake, because it had the perfect balance of the banana flavour. What surprised me was that, I thought the banana on top of the cream was going to be like the normal soft piece of banana. However it had the crispy break to it, yet not loosing the taste. If you like banana then definitely try this out! 


One of the macarons we picked was the Mojito Macaron. I really like the little details on the macaron shells, just makes it more pleasing. The taste of the macaron was just exactly as it's meant to be like. The citrus taste comes out really well, but it's not too overpowering either. It's nice to have that tangy taste when you are surrounded with all these lovely sweet items!


The next macaron chosen was, the Raspberry and Pistachio Macaron. The fact the it was a mixture of two flavour, with two different coloured macaron shells, it had to be something to try out. And let's be honest it looks pretty gorgeous doesn't it? Well it tasted as good. You get the taste of the sweet raspberry, yet the subtle pistachio taste comes through really well to. I mean these bakers just never go wrong!


The last macaron was a Chocolate Salted Caramel. This was in fact kindly given to use to try out. I'm a person that loves anything containing chocolate, my partner on the other hand doesn't really like Salted Caramel, so guess what that just meant. It was all mines. The caramel was there, the salty taste was there and the chocolate was definitely there. Tasted just as described!


And this amours, is why this blog post is named "Parisienne Afternoon Treat" because this Praline Paris Brest was freaking scrumptious. Have you had Eclairs? This is quite similar to that, the choux pastry is just like that, but nice an crispy and buttery inside. I usually don't like a lot of fresh cream by itself in a choux pastry, but the way hazelnut praline creme patisseier was used in between, the choux pastry was so delicious. It gives you something to look forward too. The hazelnut praline creme was so lovely and sweet, plus the crumbles used on the top... Oooo! I can't explain lovelies, Masha'Allah it was wonderful. No wonder it gets run out quick in the boutique. You guys have to try it out! It's always lovely to be reminded of my second home aka France <3


The day we visited, was Masha'Allah a quite warm day, and the selection Baker St Cakes offer is actually really good. For such days like that, the Luscombe selection is definitely a option to be considered. My other half chose the St. Clements one, and what a choice it was because it was so nice! If you like oranges then you will totally enjoy this drink. Super tangy, and fizzy. Perfect for the hot weather.


That's not all lovelies. Before we went I just couldn't help, but not leave empty handed. We chose two Chocolate Covered Oreo's, and a Raspberry Crush drink. The drink was of course very raspberry, and I love how the Luscombe collection are very true to what each bottle is called. The chocolate covered oreo's was good! Really good. It was a hot weather, so the outer chocolate layer was soft, when you bite into it. Which honestly isn't something that can be helped.


C’est tout amours! I think you all enjoyed this post, like you always have. And I'm sure I've tempted some of you all with all these beautiful food photographs. If you are in Leicester, or from any cities around, do take a trip to Baker St Cakes. They won't disappoint you! Show your love and support, by checking their Instagram/Twitter/Trip Advisor/Facebook pages. and by actually visiting <3 

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