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by - Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hiya amours! I've been so engrossed in KDramas that I haven't been watching much movies for the past couple of months. I was going to watch Now You See Me 2, but there were no high quality videos and if there were I couldn't be asked to search for it. Although I have been wanting to watch Me Before You, so that was the choice I settled with, plus the quality was great! 

Me Before You has either been trending because of the book or movie. Since my local libraries aren't the best when it comes to new releases, I went for the movie. If you don't know what the movie is about then here's a quick summary:

A wealthy London man's life is turned upside down when he is paralyzed in a car accident. When a young woman from a small town is hired to be his caregiver, the two form an unlikely bond.

What did I think of the movie? It was fast paced, usually I can feel the movie taking it's time, but for this movie I was like "Woah! I'm already half way through", which is not bad because it shows that it's getting straight to the point quick. However it being a romantic movie I would have loved to see the bond developing more, because of course we already know something is going to happen with both Louisa and William, but seeing the love unfold would have been more beautiful. 


Did he really have to die? Come on, I didn't want TFIOS happening all over again. Okay yes his mind was determined, but I really hoped the outcome of the movie wasn't going to be like that. I'm a sucker for happy ending, and I know it can't be like that, but I so hoped he would change his mind, and be with her forever! Although this movie does show that it's not all airy fairy. Sometimes the best thing is thinking about yourself, on the other hand he did think about her too. So he wasn't fully selfish.

I don't know about this movie. Maybe the book is so much more better. Also I can't help but compare this to A Walk To Remember, and Me Before You isn't a movie I would watch over and over again, whereas AWTR would be! Overall the movie was good, but I expected so much more, as a result I may just end up reading the book because I'm hoping that is awesome!

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