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by - Friday, July 15, 2016

A bold statement to say right, but about two months a go, I spent a good couple of days visiting the city centre, because I always do that anyways. I usually dislike going to the changing room simply because you just got to keep changing from one item to another, and that results in my hijab getting messed up, which annoys me. This time however I wanted to actually try out different clothes, just so that I know in advance what would suit me or not before doing the online shopping for university. These outfits were picked by my believed other half because he has a much fashion style then I do!

First store was Zara. What I loved about the items that I saw in Zara was that they have the variety of clothes for us hijabi's, because they have things that are long, loose and modest. These are the outfits I ended up trying out, as well as loving them. After trying these out, I just felt like throwing all my dresses from my cupboard away and just replacing it with these 4 items! 

Outfit 1 (Zara):

Outfit 2 (Zara):
Oversized Shirt

Outfit 3 (Zara):
Oversized Shirt

I've bought an odd couple of jackets before, but I've always ended preferring cardigans simply because that's how I am like hehe. But this jacket was actually nice, I don't go for the army green colour because I just don't know how it would look on me, but this jacket is lovely to wear with an all black outfit.

The fifth outfit was from Mango. I would call this look a Coachella one, simply because of the long loose cardigan with strings at the bottom. You all know I have a thing for long cardigans, and now I understand the hype and love for stripped tops, they actually look great! Denim jeans are gorgeous, and finally after all these outfits I recently bought myself a denim jeans for work and normal casual days! And I got to say I totally understand why slip ons are a thing. They are so easy to put on, and matches any type of outfit, whether it's super dressy, or casual.

Outfit 4 (Zara):

Outfit 5 (Mango):
Off White Cardigan

I hope you lovelies enjoyed this post, let me know what you think, and what your favorite look is? Would totally want to read what you amours have to say!

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