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by - Thursday, December 17, 2015

Hey guys! So over the weekend, on Sunday. I spent a good few hours cooking and baking. One of the items I made on the day was Enchiladas. I use the Old El Paso Kit, which contains:

 Spice Mix
 3 Packets of Tomato Sauce

The instructions on the back of the box, are easy and straightforward to follow. However I am typing this post, to show you how I make my enchiladas, and maybe, just maybe you guys might like it if you try it out.


- Heat the oven to Gas Mark 4, or 160 degrees celsius.

- Slice the chicken into strips.

- Get a pan, and heat it up for a couple of minutes.

- Add a splash of oil, then put in the chicken strips. Stir-fry the chicken over a medium heat, until it's golden, juicy and cooked.

- In a bowl, add in the spice mix, and packets of tomato sauce. Depending on what the box says, add either 150 or 225 ml of hot water into the mixture and stir.

- Pour half the mixture into the pan, and add in some grated cheese.

- Chop some red/yellow/green peppers into fine strips, or small pieces. Then put them into the pan.

(At this point, you can add chopped onions, chilli's and any other vegetables you would like into the mixture)

- Poke holes through the tortilla package, and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds.

- Open the package when the sauce and chicken is ready.

- Spoon the fillings into the middle of the tortilla, wrap it up and lay them on a baking dish.

- Pour and spread the remaining of the sauce over the wrap, and sprinkle some grated cheese over it.

- Put the dish into the oven for around 15-20 minutes.

- Once the cheese is melted, and the enchiladas look ready. Then take it out and ENJOY!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! If you do try it out, then let me know how it goes. You could always mix and spice it up however you want, or simply just follow the instructions they provide. Either way the kit is perfect for dinner with the family, friends of just yourself.

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