seven things instagram lovers would relate to..

by - Friday, December 04, 2015

Hey guys, a new blog post inspired by +Itslittlelauren <3
 It was fun reading her post, and being a person who loves intagram was able to connect with the post. So I decided to do a post on it too! 

1. Need to Post: This is why you are called an Instagram addict/lover, because you just feel the need to continuously post whatever you have, or wear, or go on Instagram.

2. More Than Needed Snaps: You find yourself taking many snaps of one shot in different angles, lighting etc, simply because you are way too fussy, and just one snap is not enough. What if it's bad? What if the camera shook, and ruined the picture? What if the angle is not right?

3. Organisation: Spontaneous shots are fine sometimes, but most of the time, you are organising and re-arranging items around until you think it's a perfect shot, because the setting of a photograph is now considered very important.

4. Embarassment: Everytime you are out with family, boyfriend, husband, friends, they will be telling you how you are so weird, embarassing or fed up with you taking so many photographs, even if it's something you have already taken off.

5. Inspiration: Sometimes when you have nothing to post or do, and your instagram is just normal, then your explore page becomes so much more fascinating. Nearly everyday I'm looking scrolling through the explore page, because it always leads me to different blog pages, who work are such inspirations.

6. Lighting: When the lighting are not in your favour then it just makes you so annoyed. And sometimes that means throwing in those throwbacks photographs to show your are active.

7. Storage: Finally your storage sapec is always running out. The thing is you don't even want to delete the photographs from the phone, even if you have the backed up. It's a torture when you really have to delete it.

Leave your comments down below, whether you feel the same. And if you have any other points that you feel could be part of this.

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