two week trip: travel kit

by - Friday, December 18, 2015

Hiya! Tomorrow morning I will be heading to France, for the Christmas Holidays. This post will be quite similar to the first travel essentials I posted a couple of weeks ago, just this post is bigger. 

 The outfits I planned for the stay, were 5-6 dresses, 3 pair of jeans. and 3 body tops. 

 For the night, I got 2 long pj's with two leggings. And for the daytime, and prayers, I packed in 7 scarfs, which I can use as a hijab or a scarf to wrap around my neck for the cold weather.

 These are the two bags I will be carrying, other than the black everyday bag for going out. The cute white bag is used for any body and facial products, morning essentials, hair bubbles, pins, clips etc. The world bag is basically where I have packed all my items in. One technique that I found from the net is to roll your clothes, to create more space and it defeinitely has helped. 

The technologies that I will taking with me are my phone, headphones, charger, and battery charger.

Other than those, passport, and purse and two items you just musn't forget. How are you going to travel without a passport, and what are you going to buy with no money or credit card? Lastly, carrying a book, or notebook will be useful for the journey or my stay. There may be times where I will  want to note things down (BLOG IDEAS), or read a book instead of using up my phone battery continously. However if you have a book app (Like Wattpad, Kindle) on your phone, or tablet, then that may be easier for you to carry as it's portable.

Hope you guys enjoy this post. If you have your top tips for travelling or packing, do share it in the comments down below. Merry Christmas or should I say
Joyeux Noël to my readers in advance, hope you have a lovely holiday.

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