Not In My Name

by - Thursday, December 03, 2015

It's absolute stupidity that David Cameron thinks it's perfectly fine to bomb Syria. What is bombing a country going to do? Create peace? Bring justice for what happened to France? Make the world a better place to live? No absolutely not. This whole issue started between ISIS and France. ISIS is a radical group who are based in Syria, that does not mean that everyone in Syria is related to that group. They are innocent people, who themselves are going through struggles way more than we are.

I don't even understand why UK wants to interfere with this. Oh because apparently it will keep Britain safe. I don't think so at all. The fact that he decided to bomb Syria, he better be ready for anything that comes heading to our way. And at that time don't go blaming anyone else besides yourself because you brought this on. He's declaring war!

How does he know for sure that bombing Syria will help themselves let alone anyone else? They can't know for sure whether they can eliminate ISIS, but instead what can be known for sure is that innocent lives will be lost. There is no humanity at all. The thing I find stupid is that, the announcement, and the whole debate was public, so literally everyone was able to get access to what the situation was. So I'm pretty sure ISIS are able to get intel on what is going to happen and be prepared for it. They could make a run for it, and if they do then what was the use of the bombing. Nothing. Other than the fact that people who had no part take in what happened in France lose their lives. 

Even if they don't make a run for it, and stay in Syria, there are still many bases all around. The group itself is increasing all the time. The situation with ISIS has been going on for over a year, and yet nothing has changed besides the organisation being increased in the amount of people joining. And I'm pretty sure after all this bombing, the group will just keep getting bigger. I am very against what ISIS do, not just as a Muslim, but because I'm a human, who empathise for those killings of guilt-free people. But what the UK has decided to do doesn't make them any better than ISIS. Either way lives are being gone every minute and hour. I am ashamed of being a British Citizen right now, because of the decision made. UK should be helping the Syrian refugees, and to those European countries that are lending help. I salute you, because you can't assume all Syrians are part of ISIS. 

I have seen so many upsetting videos, and pictures of the situation in Syria, and it never gets better. They are not all under the control of ISIS. They just want to live a peaceful and safe life, but how can they when MP's from across the world are deciding whether they live or not. The MP's don't have the right at all, to decide that! It's not up to them! They don't even care. They don't care about anyone beside themselves. The people in Syria are targeted by many countries, and ISIS itself. When will they ever live in peace? When can they finally be happy? When will these corrupt ideas stop? 

Not In My Name, is this decision taken nor the 223 people who voted against the airstrike, or the thousands of people who protest against this. It's David Cameron's decision. I pray for the lives lost, and I pray for the safety of people in Syria, and around the world. Please keep everyone in your prayers..

#PrayForSyria #PrayForTheWorld

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