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by - Friday, November 13, 2015

This post is way overdue because I've visited Gelato Village so many times that I can honestly say I've tried many of the items from the list. Let's begin shall we!
Gianduia, Hazelnut, Fior De Latte
One thing you can't go wrong with is Gianduia, if you've tasted nutella awesome, gives yourself a pat on the back. Now try Gianduia, it tastes rather the same as nutella and add Hazelnut to the combination, you have something that you would want again and again. Fior De Latte also helps with the flavours by adding that milkiness to the flavour, and balancing the chcolate taste out.

Stracciatella, Pistachio, Milk Chocolate
If there's a flavour that I can always go back to is Pistachio, the taste of the gelato just never fails to make me love it more. Sometimes some flavours combined together works really well, and other times you just learn from it, and eventually figure out what could taste well with what. All these three gelato's work really well together. There's the chcolate, vanillaish and pistachio taste if you have a scoop of them all, and you can taste each individual's amazingly.

Waffles with Mint and Gianduia gelato, drizzled with chocolate.
Waffles. Waffles. And Waffles. As much as I want to say you can continue having gelato's all the time. I have to say that you have to try all the other items out, and what I love about gelato village is that nearly all the desserts in the store contains gelato inside so you won't miss it at all. This waffle is the standard size, and a perfect size for one (that's not enough for me). You can choose any 2 toppings, and enjoy the warm waffles with the cool gelato, making it perfect to eat.

Stracciatella, Richard III 
I tend to stay away from gelato's or ice cream that has fruit or is fruit flavoured. But I must say Richard III was an exception. The taste of the fruit is not too strong nor subtle, instead its the right amount to be able to taste the fruits and the gelato. You can have this with with either another fruit gelato or maybe just any other gelato's :)

Le Grande Belleza waffles with Coffee, Stracciatella, Chocolate Serbetto and Pistachio.
The large waffles! Also known as Le Grande Bellazzo Waffles!  Doesn't the presentation look amazing - soo good right! Gelato Village are great at everything. For this waffles I selected some of my favorite gelato's, and honestly any gelato's would work together, you just have trust your instincts or go wild and select any 4 gelato's. This waffles is definitely filling, and you could also share between two. Not only that but the design of the waffles have also changed from is shown above to this.

So no more one large waffle but now you get two curved shaped triangles waffles!

As mentioned above, this gelato is for all nutella lovers! This is the best gelato, after you have this you won't want nutella. You would just want to buy a 1 kg thermal takeaway box of this! :D

Pistachio Cake
One thing I love about Gelato Village is that there is always new things that the store presents to is to try out. This cake was unlike anything I have tasted, and that's what makes it original. The pistachio cake, is filled with the cream and the flavour of pistachio. Since it's not something I haven't tried, I'm not familiar with the taste but eventually I will. That's the beauty of trying new things.

Coffee, Richard III and Peanut
Not always tub life. Sometimes cone. Though I still prefer tub, you just get soo much more. But the cone is absolutely delicious. Smooth and crispy. 

Gianduia, and Hazelnut Affogato with a Shot of Espresso
Never have I ever heard of Affogato, or tasted it. This was definitely an experience. I chose gianduia and hazelnut gelato, and let me tell you, I would suggest choosing fior de latte as one of the gelato's you can pick. This will help with the strong coffee flavour and give it a milk taste. Also don't make the mistake I made, and attempt to straight have it. Make sure you let the gelato mix into the espresso, so it's much tastier to have. But although there were things I was unaware of, I still enjoyed trying it out!

Almond Serbetto, Peanuts, Honey and Walnut
The week I had this, was the week near gelato flavours were coming out. And for me, that is amazing because I like to try new flavours out instead of having g the original ones all the time. From those three gelato, my favourites are definitely peanuts and almond serbetto. Absolutely delicious!

Cold Freddo
A store that caters the customers need is a store that is worth visiting. Originally Cold Freddo contains alcohol. However the staff at Gelato Village are friendly and understanding, that they offered to create one without alcohol, and for me and my other half that was perfect, because we really wanted to try that out. And although the cake in between the gelato was hard because of no alcohol it was great to taste because with the gelato on the top, and the chocolate drizzles, it made up for the lack of it.

Passion Fruit, Hazelnut, Creme Fredrico
Passion Fruit one of the latest edition to the flavours. The zesty flavour gave it that twist that just made having the gelato, fun. Plus the creme fredrico was quite nice to have as well. I had to bring the hazelnut back, because it's too damn good.

Dark Chocolate covered Gelollies
One of the first items besides the gelato's that I notice when I went to the store for the first time was the gelollies, and I've been meaning to have it for quite some time but new items and flavours jist keep coming that, it was held back. But I finally tried it and yummy! It was great. You can heart shaped, or white chocolate coated gelollies too. There's always something that would hopefully suit your preference.

Organic Sicilian Ruby Orange 
Lastly, my latest item purchased from Gelato Village was this drink. Let me just say I love Italian food, and Gelato Village has made me fall in love with anything related to Italy so much more. This drink was amazing. I didn't know whether I would like this flavour at first, and after trying it, I will definitely be going back to have it again. Don't forget to there are drinks, coffees, and patisseries to have an the store.


This post has sure been a long one, but instead of continuously posting separate posts on what I've tried I thought of putting it all into one so you guys can find it in one place. Places that I mention in my blog, are ones that I love and have always had a great experience at. They are never sponsored (unless stated) and are generally what I feel about the store.

Hope you enjoyed this post. If you do visit the store, leave a comment down below on what you've tried and what your current favourites are!

All photographs rightfully belong to SimplyRabiaPhotography (Me), please do not steal and use as your own.

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