Weekend away at France

by - Monday, November 30, 2015

Hey guys! If you follow me on twitter, then you may know that I was away at France during the weekend, to meet my dad and his family there. It's been too long since I met them, and it was about time I met them all again, especially my two siblings (step).

I left for France, on Friday 20th November. The journey is always fun, because there's random topics coming up, stupid conversations and memories are created, by just being in the car. If anyone is not familiar with EuroTunnel, then it's a train that is located under the ocean to travel from one country to another. We've traveled by Ferry twice, but the journey is longer, and you can never expect the weather to be fine. So instead we've been using the train which just takes around 45 minutes, or less.

Saturday was spent at home. Having morning breakfast at France is always lovely, because the food is absolutely delicious. The freshly made croissants and baguettes are the best because that's what France is known for. When I have croissants back in UK, it just doesn't taste like the ones in France.

 The rest of the day, I spent time with the family, since it was pouring with rain the whole day. But in the evening, my sisters, dad and I went to one of the famous supermarkets in France, called Carrefour. This store has everything you need, food, clothes, toys, appliances; it's basically like the Tesco's and Asda's we get in the UK.

Because of Christmas coming up, there were so many decorations in the store connected to the festival. There was a section in the beginning, where there was a huge display or celebration chocolates, Lindt, kinder chocolates and Ferrero Rocher, it's so much cooler! Whenever I go to France, or if I order anything from France through my dad, then the one chocolate I always get is the Chocolat Blanc / Coco Caramelisee. This is coconut flavoured white chocolate.

On Sunday morning, there was a market just a couple of minutes away from the flat. So my dad being the best dad ever took us over there and treated us to many items, that we liked and wanted. The market was quite huge, and there were so many things that were being sold. I was interested in the clothing sections, since there were a lot of winter items like jumpers, poncho's, coats, sweaters etc. Not only that but I found many long dresses, for casual wear and even winter wear, which were priced at a reasonable one. 

Some snaps of the beautiful view from the flat, whilst playing with the kids, and feeling sad that I will be going to be the UK. Yet feeling happy to be back in December holidays! :)


Finally the rest of the day, from 2 - 8pm was spent on the road, taking snaps, stopping at stations, and making conversations with the family. Like always it was hard waving goodbye to Dad, because who even likes to say goodbye happily to one of their parents :"( It's always a blast spending time with my dad, because there's no stress, and it's all just filled with laughter and happiness (not that it's not like that with my mum too)

Unfortunately there was going to be a video on this post, but the resolution was so bad that it wasn't worth posting. I'm so sorry about that, but I hope you enjoyed this post. If you liked it and would want me to post how my days will be when I go back in December then leave a comment down below and hopefully I will do like a daily blog post on each day. Plus from the photographs, some of you guys who have been France or live in France may have recognised where I went, leave a comment of where I was :)

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  1. Ooo where did you go? I was going to guess Paris but I don't think so! Sounds like you had a lovely time anyway. I actually just spent last year in Strasbourg! I miss France so much, the christmas market in Stras was amazing!! Gweni xxx