Short Trip: Travel Essentials

by - Saturday, November 21, 2015

Hey guys! Finally a blog post on the topic I really love to bits! Travelling. This post was meant to be posted yesterday, but I completely didn't have the chance since after college I straight headed to France, for the weekend to meet the family, as a relative has come to visit. And hopefully, I will be going back there again during the Christmas holidays, and have twice as much fun with the siblings there! So guys this is post from France! Bonjour <3 Since this is a short trip, there are not many things I need, so this post is on the essentials that you would need generally. 

Everyone needs a passport, travel document or ID card, something you can identify yourself with and use for travelling from one country to another. Without this, it's goodbye to travelling, and hello to staying at home still. 

Bags & Luggage's
 I suggest carrying two bags, when travelling. The size of the luggage can depend on your stay, since mine is just the weekend a small/standard sized luggage would be fine to use. The other bag is a carry on bag, or a bag that you would be using in the destination country, when going around. Or if you are travelling by plane then this bag would be useful for taking it in the airplane. 

 Two jeans, two dresses, and a hijab is what I'm taking. Always carry an extra pair of clothes with you, because you never know what could happen. If you have family at the place you are going then you won't have to worry too much about carrying less clothes because you can always get it washed. Of course you don't forget your undergarments. 

Camera: I love taking photographs when going to places, it's a form of memory for when I want to look back. Plus, I will need pictures to show how my visit at France went in my blog!

Book: As you all know by now, I love reading. Since most of the travelling will be in the car, I need a book with me to keep me away from boredom, and also not drain my phone battery a lot.

Toiletries Bag: A bag where you can store things from toothpaste, to mini bottled shampoos, just to keep it all organised and in one place. 

Purse: To keep your money, and any cards safe. 

Hair bubble: A pack or couple of hair bubbles, because it's never safe to rely on just one. 

Mirror, Lip Balm, Perfume, Hand Cream: Any items that you need for yourself, to look and feel good. 

Phone Charger & Headphones: Never leave your charger back home, otherwise you will have to waste your money on buying another one, so before leaving home always make sure you have put it in your bag. That's the same for your headphones. 

If you are someone who uses make up everyday then having a make up bag is really important because you don't want to forget anything at home, and worry about it later. I don't wear make up a lot besides a BB cream and eyeliner, so there isn't much I need to put in my luggage. 

Everything I will be carrying
That's all guys! Sorry for the late update, and I hope you lot enjoyed this! :) Au Revoir!

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