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by - Monday, November 09, 2015

Perfect Timing by Jill Mansell

I read the blurb, and I genuinely found it interesting because I love romantic book. It made me want to know what happens to the lovers and how Poppy's life would be after escaping her wedding. And this book has honestly surprised me and I don't know whether that is good or bad. 

First half of the book was about Poppy finding her father, and it wasn't until chapter 43 when she met Tom finally. I expected it to be a bit sooner. 

I carried on reading, and from then on it seemed like it was all going on so fast, it wasn't like how it was before where things took time. And maybe that's creating the atmosphere of making me feel like whatever is going between Poppy and Tom may look and feel beautiful in the beginning, may not be the same now.

I carried on reading more and more, and my love for Poppy and Tom decreased, instead I found myself rooting for Casper and Poppy. If you read the book you will understand why.

Okay! After finishing the book, I don't know what to say because I found it meh. I didn't like it much. It was okay because there were unexpected parts to the book, but overall I feel it could have been so much better, the plot of the book wasn't all that, there were so much things the writer could have fit in. I felt that it was messy, things started to take place too quick, everything was being rushed and it didn't give it those exciting and amazing feels I usually get in a book.

I hardly find books that I am disappointed with, but unfortunately this book wasn't something I enjoyed.

Love is A Number by Lee Monroe

I enjoyed this book. I can't say I loved it either. Love is A Number is light book, which you can get over and done within a couple of hours or in a day. There is not much drama, which keeps is light. Tough the love story is sweet. The reason why the book is called what it is, is shown in the last couple of sections. Before that the book focuses on the past, and how the female character deals with loss. 

That's one thing I liked about this book. It portrayed that the healing process takes time. It's not something that can get healed very quickly like it shows in some movies or books. So the element of reality is there.  Overall the book was good, but if you are someone who loves reading and wants a lot of things to happen, and have the feeling of constantly just continue reading then these two books that are in this post is not the one.

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