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by - Sunday, June 07, 2015

This is just going to be a mini review on a product that I have had for quite a while. My hair is not that healthy and thick, which is one of the main problems I have - and it frustrates me so much because I'm always looking for ways to make it healthy. I'm sure quite a lot of you have this problem too, and if you don't then count yourself lucky!

One of the reason my hair is the way it is, is because since I was young I used heating products; mainly my straightener. During that time I didn't know that you should use heat protection, and that is why my hair started to go thinner.

Also another reason is that I have low Vitamin and Iron, in my body. So to overcome that I TRY to have food like fish and vegetables. Or I have my tablets.
Though that's not the only way. Since my mother is quite familiar with problems like this or you know any problems! She told me to use oil on my hair as it is really good, however I avoid it loads because it is just so freaking oily. But after thinking a lot, I thought I might as well.

Originally I used to use coconut oil, and that product is really good, though the problem is that you have to wash your hair more than once to get rid of it. Otherwise the product works really well as it is natural.
But I stopped using that, and instead tried out this new oil that my mom brought me. Roghan Amla Khas. She told me that she heard that it was a good product to use for my hair, as it promotes hair growth. So I tested it out. I don't use the product often, and tend to only use it during the weekends, every one or two weeks. One bad factor is that the oils stinks!

What I do is during the afternoon, I put this oil all over my hair thoroughly. This is so that the oil is distributed everywhere and not just the bottom or the top. However I put more oil on the roots as that is where the nutritions should go, in order for my hair to grow more. Whilst I put the oil on the roots, I make sure to massage my head as well so that blood flows to the roots. Then I either just put my hair in a messy bun or in a plait. This is so that my hair doesn't faff around during the day. I leave the oil on my hair for about 5-6 hours, though it depends on how long you want to keep it for, and then wash it off in cold water.

So far this product has worked quite well for me. My hair has grown more and gotten a bit thicker. On the other hand I still need to have more food that contains Iron and Vitamins so that it could impact my hair more.

I don't know where my mum got the oil for or how much it was, but I did search online and you can definitely buy it from eBay if you are interested in the product.

*This is not a sponsored post

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