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by - Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Guess who found a new dessert parlour! Me!! The grand opening was on Saturday, so on Monday I went to the place (with my other half), which was FANTASTIC. It was my first time, I didn't know what it would be like, but after seeing the menu, I wasn't too worried. There were quite a lot of familiar items; waffles, sundaes, crepes and gelatos. 

Outside of the menu
Inside of the menu
The place, looked amazing and beautiful. Not many people were there at the time I went, which i'm sure you guys know by now is the afternoon, however whilst I was there many people did start to come.There are various types of seating areas, like booths, table for two, and group tables, suiting everyone's needs. TV's were on which was quite entertaining, whilst waiting but the funny thing was that the music that was going on was not connected to the videos playing on the TV at all. 

Mini cakes
Seating areas
I first bought Fererro Rocher Waffles (£5.50) , because I absolutely love chocolate, and I wanted to check out how they made their waffles. Whilst my partner and I were waiting for our food, I tried to capture as many photographs as I can to put on this blog. But sometimes it's just so awkward taking pictures when the staff members were all around, but I managed :) 

Once the waffles arrived, the sight of them was just delicious, as much as I wanted to dig in and eat it, I took some pictures. When I finally did eat the waffles, it was amazing! Like literally, the waffles were cooked well, and soft from inside, having the fererro rocher around the plate made the waffles taste more good, because it added the chocolate taste. There were also whipped cream, and I would have had gelato with it, but it cost £1 more. Overall the waffles tasted great, which is why I was so tempted to buy another dessert. And I did!

Fererro Rocher Waffles
Fererro Rocher Waffles
Fererro Rocher Waffles
We decided to go for a sundae this time so we chose the Cookies 'n' Cream sundae (£5.95) , which I must say was kind of a mistake buying, not because it was horrible or anything. But because half way through the sundae we got soo full. The cookies 'n' cream sundae was honestly filled so much chocolate and cream, in the middle of the sundae was pure chocolate fudge, hence why we got so full. I think next time I should either just buy a waffles, or have it with crepes, not with sundae ;) 

Despite the fact that we got full, we still managed to finish it. The design of the sundae cup was so cool, I never realised it until my other half told me whilst he was taking photographs. The dessert itself was great. Though it was full of chocolate, the oreo cookies and wafer added more taste to it. It was really presentable, and created really well. I don't usually buy sundaes because I know how filling it can be, but Whipee Gelato creates really well and delicious sundaes.

Cookies 'n' Cream Sundae
Cookies 'n' Cream Sundae
Cookies 'n' Cream Waffles
Cookies 'n' Cream Waffles

I will definitely be going back their again, because it has already become one of my favorite dessert parlours. If they make great waffles, and sundaes, then they must be making delicious desserts overall which are worth buying. Not only that but the price for the desserts are worth it because it is not too expensive, and affordable. Overall looking back at my experience at Whipee Gelato was amazing, the service from the staff was welcoming and pleasant, and the food was great too.

So to anyone who is looking for a new dessert place to try out then Whipee Gelato it is!

P.S: There is nothing negative to say because I didn't experience anything like that at all, and if I did I would definitely mention it. I know from my review's it seems like I always say good things, but until I don't get a negative experience, I will not be mentioning it.

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