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by - Thursday, June 04, 2015

As I have mentioned in my 20 facts about me - I'm sure you have figured out by now, that I love desserts, like literally! So this is going to be a review on a Dessert Restaurant which is one of my favorites!

From the restaurant name you can tell that the desserts over there are absolutely scrumptious and mouth-watering leaving you wanting more. In Heavenly Desserts there so many unique and different style of desserts, and sometimes you just don't know what to choose. Whenever I go heavenly, which is not that often, I always end up buying "I'll have what she's havin!" or the one the picture is "I'll have what he's havin!" both of these delicious, the only difference is that one of them has milk chocolate, and another white chocolate. 

Besides that there are Cookies Doughs (Heavenly Desserts Cookie Dough, Double Chocolate Chip, White Chocolate and Raspberry), Fondue, Milkshakes (Cookie Blast Shake, Legendary Ferrero, White Haven), Plain Melted Nutella Shots or Melted White Chocolate Shots, Crepes (Nutella Crepes) and so many various types of Waffles(One Last Time I Promise, White Kiss, Ferrero Royal). 

Items like milkshakes and cookie dough can be ordered for a take out, so if you don't feel like eating at the shop then just call them up, or go to the shop and take it home. It's all up to your preferences. Heavenly Desserts does tend to get crowded with people, and it mostly is during the evening and nights, as families and friends gather around at that time. During the afternoon there is not many people, as there are in the evening, which is why I go during those hours. 

The opening and closing time of Heavenly Desserts is from 12:00 noon - midnight, however on Friday and Saturday the closing time is 1:30am. If you are worried about the price then don't be - for desserts like these you do have to cash in quite a bit but it is worth it :)

The restaurant itself looks absolutely gorgeous, the arrangement of the tables, and booths suit everybody's requirement. The waiters/waitress are welcoming, and from my past experience everything goes well, without any problem. Sometimes it does take time for the desserts to arrive but it is understandable because of how many people go there to order, so you just have to be patient, and then enjoy the amazing aroma and taste the yummy food. 

I totally recommend this place to people who have a sweet tooth, and it's a warm and welcoming area to be with friends and families because the atmosphere is really good, and appealing. 

These are some pictures that I took from the facebook page of Heavenly Desserts, to show you guys what I mean about the delicious desserts that Heavenly serves their customers. For more detail and information on the shop, you can go on their website


 And find them on other social platforms they are on :D

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