I love ramadhan tag

by - Saturday, June 20, 2015

1. When do you start to get excited about ramadhan? Usually it happens a week before where I countdown and get excited for Ramadhan. But when it actually kicks in is the day before it starts, because that's when you feel that you will be fasting and praying loads more. Not only that but the atmosphere is much more better. It feels more peaceful. There's just a great feeling. 

2. What is your favorite ramadhan memory? There are quite a lot of ramadhan memories, but I guess my favourite ones would be spending them with my dad. 

3. Does your family have any ramadhan tradition? No not really.

4. What's your favorite ramadhan food? Spring Rolls and Cheese Balls they both just taste so damn good! 

5. When you are fasting in the day do you think about food? Yes of course I do, but not too much. Being on social media gives me access to seeing foods around, but besides that I don't think of food a lot. 

6. Besides water and dates what do you break your fast with? Nothing else. I must break my fast with those two, otherwise it's just weird. 

7. What do you eat for suhoor? To be honest I don't have suhoor. I know it's bad. But since I break my fast at 9:35 currently and finish Taraweeh at around 11:30. Plus suhoor ends at 1:20ish. There is not a large gap so I am not that hungry to eat for suhoor. However I have a lot of water, and have something small like yogurt or a fruit. 

8. What is your least favorite thing about ramadhan? Nothing at all. The month of ramadhan is absolutely beautiful and amazing. There is nothing do dislike about it. 

9. One thing that makes you the happiest at ramadhan? Everything. The fasting. The praying. Worshipping Allah. Being close to family members. The peaceful atmosphere!

10. One tip that you can give to the people that are fasting? Stay strong, there are many people out there who don't have food, and when we are breaking our fast we have food in front of us, while they don't. They are still fasting. We are just fasting for a while, and we can do it. 

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